Finally, heroin addicts and crack-heads have something to feel good about…

…as alcohol is classified as the ‘most harmful drug’, beating out both crack and heroin when studied for its potential harm to the user.

I imagine this story being heard this way by all those “heads” there and added to their denial bag of tricks:

Heroin and crack-heads everywhere are rejoicing over the news that alcoholics have officially been classified as being addicted to the ‘MOST harmful drug’.

This validation of the heroin and crack-head platform comes after many years of mockery and negative criticisms and both kinds of ‘heads’ now have this study to offer as proof of what they have long known:  these claims are unjust and have been defaming the character of users for too long.

Heroin and crack-heads are now armed with a new argument for using their drugs of choice: “Well, yeah, I’m smoking crack/shooting heroin.  At least I’m not DRINKING!”

This is also good news for people who can’t seem to break away from romantic relationships with heroin addicts and crack-heads, their mates just got more attractive on a global scale.”

Judge for yourself just how ugly being an alcohol-head is from the photo comparison below.  The heroin addict at least has a bed to pass out in, uh, hello! I think the choice is clear.  Gosh, when I think of all the money I’ve spent on shots….

Alcohol Head

Heroin Head

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