Heartbeats: February 1

Let your heart love the real you so others may know the real you, too.

The month of February is awash in red and pink, the colors of love and romance.  For some this month uplifts the heart and for others it brings only dread and despair.

For the broken, unrequited, embittered or disillusioned, my hope is that you find again some love inside yourself no matter how deeply buried or scarred it may be.

For those who are living in Love’s warm glow at this moment, I hope you remember to cherish it and have the courage to reveal it to others.

Whether yours is a lonely heart or one that is fulfilled, it never hurts to explore the depths you are capable of. This month, continue your soul-search and find what truth there is in you and don’t wait until it’s too late to let other know your heart.

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