Lavendar Skies

A place lush and green with Lavendar Skies

Take me to where
there’s fireflies
a place lush and green
with lavender skies

Where sweet-scents of night-blooms
cling to my hair-
as we walk hand in hand
with nary a care

Strolling through dark wood
now, a corn-flower blue night
I dance barefoot in a circle
to the full moons’ delight

You slip strong arms around me-
I soar like a kite
at the taste of your kisses
and the flex of your might

As you lead me slowly
to a clearing of grass
This love of ours fills me
with its form and its mass

We lay in the meadow-
entangled, embraced
as my fingers, in shadow
trace the lines of your face

Our eyes, they speak timeless-
the Fates linked us on high
with a rumble of thunder
and a flash in the sky

Nothing now but cool mist
is moving between us
opposites, we are one-
your Mars to my Venus

With peace as our blanket
First light starts to break
as the sun peeks through treetops
I dream, awake

Sparrows are chirping-
our bed of grass is all dewy
while you sleep, I start counting
all the ways that you move me

My still waters are stirred
by your light and your heat-
with your sharp wit and sweet charm
there’s none who compete

I knew it first
and I’ll know it at last
the time we misspent
Is all in the past

Here we are now-
the way it should be
Me, here for you
and you, finally, for me

You infuse me with strength
and fill the blue of my eye
whenever you lead me
to lavender skies

Sun shining, no matter
or in the rain when it pours
wherever you go
please take me, I’m yours.

©Carol Ann Conover –Original Poetry 2008

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