Take that Train

I wish I could be on a that train

With nowhere else to be-

No hassles and no schedules

So I could just be me.


I’d laugh and draw and paint;

Drink and smoke and write some prose-

My only plan would be

To step off here and there

And breathe in a lovely rose.


Time, my friend and enemy,

On board does ebb and flow,

Cheats at cards and puts on airs

And tries to tell me when to go.


I think I shall not listen

And instead float upon the breeze

Take that train from here to there

And do exactly as I please.


Where I’ll go or who I’ll meet

Is a mystery to me

But my life, if I don’t take that train

Might miss possibilities.


I’m  no longer content to listen from my window

As that train does whistle by

I’ve packed a bag but mapped no path-

For a reason and a journey

That travels with no rhyme.


Now I’m on that train

With no particular place to be

On a vagabond adventure

And from Time, I am set free.


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