Mmmm…..Spinach Bacon!


That’s one healthy pig!

Love bacon so much that you’re putting it on everything from cupcakes to pizza while swilling on some bacon-flavored vodka but worry about your heart health?Well good news, bacon-eaters!

Scientists in Japan, aiming to create a healthier, less fatty little piggy, have successfully implanted pigs with FAD2, call-sign SPINACH.  The research began several years ago and there is, as of this date, an entire generation of Spinach Pigs.


That’s right!  Now you can fearlessly pile that bacon on and get some heart-healthy veggies in one crispy-delicious bacon-y bite.  If you had any question about bacon’s ability to bring happiness and contentment to the world, Bacon has now officially become a world super-power.
Th-th-th-That’s all, Folks!

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