Micah S. Harris is a Big Thinker


If you just can’t get enough of the undying, stupefying, never-tiring hilarity that comes out of  local celebrity Micah Harris, one of the Original Fat Cats elite staff, then this is your lucky day, punk!

In a unanimous decision, the Think Tank here at Who Cares What I Think have decided to give Micah his keys to the Executive Washroom (he needs them, considering his stand-up bed-wetting condition) and let him unleash his inner angst on the masses instead of him stifling such volatile wisdom.  (Your welcome, Laura!)

All those delicious morsels of wit and wrath take up a ton of space and if his head got any bigger it’d have its own orbit, so instead he gets to pour out all that  brain matter that’s anything but grey right here on your favorite local blog to reduce the risk of him spontaneously combusting and reversing the Earth’s gravitational pull.  That would make it hard to keep change in your pockets and how would you pay for those delicious craft beers at OFC?

Fair warning, Micah can shred the fibers of your being like an unfiltered cigarette so, if you have a weak stomach, are extremely sensitive or easily offended…please send us a detailed letter of your feelings so we can laugh at you and write about it.

Show him a little love and get the word out to all your peeps! Spiriti Mundi!


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