Attention Ellen Degeneres: Why Isn’t Renda Writer On Your Show Yet?

Ok, Ellen, here’s the deal. I’ll post this to help my friend Renda Writer reach his dream-goal of appearing on your show to perform his amazing work of original poetry, Half-Hearted as many times as it takes. He’s been reaching out to you since 2007 and has practically the entire art and creative community across the country rallying behind him.

Not only is Renda a fine person with an extremely interesting and unlikely story, he is genuinely talented and helps people realize their own dreams besides being a tireless artist, poet and friend…and just look how cute he is:











He has done so much to share this dream of his and his adoring love for YOU, Ellen Degeneres, that not only should he be booked on your show immediately, he should be on your payroll, with retro-active pay for all the PR he does for you from coast to coast!  He hands these out everywhere he goes:

Ellen, that's his story and he's sticking to it! (And so are we!)

And here’s Renda reciting Half-Hearted in Central Park where it all began:

(Video Courtesy of Renda Writer / Youtube.com)

Ellen, you’re all about dreams realized…putting Renda on your show would not only make his dream come true, it would validate the work and determination of the entire Arts community and send a positive message that will reverberate to all persons who have a dream.

Have a heart and help Renda Writer become whole-hearted!

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  1. Aubrey says:

    Thanks for using the time and effort to write something so interesting.

  2. Nicole Luongo says:

    Wonderful! This article captures the essence of Renda. I truly hope Ellen makes his dream come true.

    Author of Naked Desires, a poetic diary of a young woman’s search for true love.

  3. Captain Viagra says:

    excellent article. But I need more written

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