Tomato, Tomahto: Say It However The F You Want

After many years of barroom encouragement from friends and patrons alike, I have decided to purge the sometimes ruthless and dark inner-monologue that some have come to love and admire and yet cringe over at the same time.

I decided to pick the brain of the Godmother of this site and before I could even begin to ask questions, Carol Ann set me up with my own rights to author…(insert evil laugh). So here I am, sitting on my front porch, basking in a shady beach breeze, trying to think of the right way to forewarn you as to what I may spew onto the Internet with my occasional desire to dive into the deep end of depravity.

I would label myself as a conversationalist so some of my writings will be far from structured. Please note: NOBODY IS OUT OF BOUNDS…. I am going to outline everything from proper bar etiquette to proper human interaction all the way to reviews on local establishments and the joys of dirty diapers (hopefully not at the same time).  Unlike Facebook, Twitter, the old Myspace and the new Google+, I am not writing to receive some type of praise.  I am doing this to purge.  This is a necessary, theraputic and healthy process.

OK, so enough about the shit I’m gonna talk about, on to the shit that makes me, ME…

I am a 34-year-old father of a baby boy named Jaxson, a fiancée, a bartender, an outspoken “brutally honest” man who takes pride in what he does.

I have an uncanny knack for calling people out on their bullshit.  Most of my borderline-psychotic, yet entertaining, episodes are spur of the moment, like when some douche thinks he’s gonna get the last word in on me.  Not fucking likely, Chief.

My writings, nay rants, will surely give you a peek at the odd path my informational inner-highway travels  to decipher everyday shit. I know I am odd.

I also know that I have the balls to say what people think, but are afraid to say.  I won’t talk behind your back, unless you walk away before I’m finished speaking.

If you’re still there, please read on as I examine the depths of social depravity and skate up to the very edge of my psychosis.

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