Ride Along With a Masshole

Urban Dictionary defines the term “Masshole” this way:


1. For residents of Massachusetts, it is an achieved title for drving faster, being wreckless, cutting other drivers off often, and having no patience for other drivers on the road.

2. For non-residents of Massachusetts, it is a term of dislike for the people of Massachusetts that drive like an asshole.

1. I was such a masshole today when I went down route 128 at 98 mph. 

2. Don’t even think about cutting me off, you masshole!

Here’s the video version of the definition of a Masshole for all you inconsiderate pricks who are trying to read this while driving:

video courtesy of Youtube via pjstevens77

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  1. Charlize says:

    You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

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