“Unfriended” ~ The Song

SuperGeek that I am and being one of those rare individuals without cable or even a TV (the TV part being merely temporary), I have my radio tuned eternally to NPR and among the outstanding programming there I found a particular gem that I look forward to each week.

Every Sunday I listen to famed humorist and storyteller Garrison Keillor’sA Prairie Home Companion and enjoy a classic radio-variety show [which I shall now dub a “skitcom”], complete with live sound effects and hilarity throughout…the good clean, all-American kind, the history of which was made into a star-laden movie with acting greats like Woody Harrelson, Meryl Streep, Lily Tomlin, Kevin Kline, John C. Reilly and Tommy Lee Jones in 2006. (IMDb trailer)

This week they featured a delightful little song about being ‘unfriended’ which I thought was a work of comic genius.  Listen to “Unfriended” here.

Check it out, and if you like it, consider making a contribution to this or to NPR or its local affiliate WLRN 91.3 and support the legacy of the people’s radio.


Contribute to A Prairie Home Companion or NPR to keep great shows like this alive and well.

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