Quite Possibly the Funniest FB Post EVER.

FORT LAUDERDALE , FL – Good or bad, this is where we live and sometimes, the sights are breathtaking. Other times, the sights are this:

“This is what happens when you get your butt hole and balls pepper sprayed.”  #puddlesquatting

~Joe Callahan, Fort Lauderdale, FL



Congratulations, Joe Callahan, your keen eye and succinct photography has most certainly exposed the sites of the gritty city of Fort Lauderdale in all it’s alcohol-drenched wonder;  this is the first FB status of the day to be featured on www.butwhocareswhatithink.com’s Center Stage.

{If you are a local, you likely have some solid guesses as to the Pants Removal parties who helped make this possible. I’ll never tell. }


{note to reader: Not only is Joe an excellent photographer he is so fly, he also makes these:


The elite ITB Industry Tool.


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