This 420, Puff, Puff, PETITION!

On 420, Facebook will be flooded with pictures of Mary Jane and references to Cheech & Chong.  You’ll chuckle and take a toke and proclaim your loyalty and love of the mighty herb, but will you take any other action than hitting LIKE?

If you are a cannabis enthusiast and really, truly want to see it legalized and decriminalized, you’ll buck the stigma that stoners are lazy and useless by visiting FLCAN.org and find out what you can do to get vocal (in between coughing fits) and get active. Maybe, you’ll even make a token donation to support the cause and get this stylish lapel pin and really help make a difference in the fight for fair marijuana laws. I promise, it will enhance your high.  🙂

A 420 Badge of Honor-FLCAN.org Lapel Pin


(Not that too many stoners I know actually have lapels, but still…DO IT!)

Oh, and Puff, Puff, PETITION for sensible cannabis policies today!

Have a marijuana related legal issue?  Check out Board Certified Attorney Greg M. Lauer, ESQ.



Read on to see how you can get active!

(the following is an exerpt from an FLCAN.org email)

Get Active



These awesome venues are hosting sanctioned FL CAN and FL NORML events

  • Gainesville –The Florida Theater 233 W University Ave Music by To The Birds
  • Vero Beach Filthy McNasty’s Pubbery 1238 16th St., Vero Beach, FL (16th at Old Dixie)
  • Miami – The Stage 170 NE 38th St, in the Design District.

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