Road to Nowhere… or Everywhere!

“I can remember the day I saw her in the classifieds of TheSamba.com. I knew then and there with her Stellar blue paint job and tie-dyed curtains that she was meant for us.” ~ Mia

It was August 2011 when Jeremy and Mia took the plunge. Armed with $2900 and dreams they went to Tucson Arizona to buy the VW Westfalia that would be their home indefinitely. When they met her she was named Stella and she was Frankensteined to all hell and didn’t run, but they knew the investment would turn in their favor. Stella was in dire need of some tender loving care so they shipped her home to New Mexico. Months passed and they were living inside the shell of a home on the curb of the house of some friends.

After finally diagnosing all of our problems, tires, engine, turn signals, and so on and on, the mechanics at Rio Rancho Imports began working to bring the van back to life. After some time and about $10000 later Stella was reborn with a restored, rebuilt engine and on that 22nd of February 2012, was renamed Moya.

Meet Moya

After countless restructuring of the supplies inside Moya, and thanks to R.E.I and all their wonderfully compact camping supplies Moya was finally voyage worthy. With Moya being road worthy, attaining travel funds was the next hurdle. With help from the wonderful people at USAA they were able to get affordable insurance for the voyage making it a little easier to save money. On a budget of bare necessities and constant work, a date of departure was finalized. June 9th would their last day at work at Turtle Mountain Brewing Company and Wednesday June 13th will be their last day in New Mexico. With destiny at their backs and favorable winds, Moya, Jeremy, and Mia will set sail on the ocean of black top and dirt roads.

With a clean slate, full tank of gas, open minds, and endless possibilities Mia and Jeremy intend to quench the thirst for a true modern adventure that they have been longing for. Although Colorado is first on the list, there is no set destination. With family from L.A. to New Jersey to Alaska, Jeremy and Mia plan to visit them all.

New and unfamiliar places also made the list. No town is too small and no road too remote, the continent is the ride and Mia and Jeremy have their ticket.  Besides new cities to visit, they also want to apply to be camp hosts at as many national parks as they can. Their flexibility and versatility allow them to pull anchor whenever the winds change and turn the next page.

As St. Augustine said “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

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