Two Girls, One Couplet: Unmasked


Past meet present, selves collide

The trinity within rises;

Battle lines are drawn-

The way unseen, we soldier on.


Up and down and all around

From twilight until dawn;

Unrepentant, we march for Love-

Powerless against it, we are mere pawns.


We make moves with emotion unseen

Hoping to evade the lands of the Queen;

Alas, that Queen was just standing in-

I am the Rightful – I shall win.


I shall not perish, I will not fail

I am pure, free from sin;

With softness as my greatest strenghth, I rise-

The veil that cloaked me now unpinned.


My eyes are open and now I see

I need no mask protecting me;

At last, at last, I am seen-

For this, I owe it all to Thee.


I can transform-

Be reborn.

I can be-

Without a mask protecting me.

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