Defining Freedom

“The time has come!” the walrus said, “to talk of many things!”

Only we aren’t talking about shoes and ships and sealing wax or cabbages or kings. The only topics floating around now are voyage related: tires, gas, supplies, and goodbyes have all been checked off the list. Now the only thing left is to hit the road and we plan to hit it running.

Job offers linger from Colorado at a Renaissance fair, to Washington doing landscaping, but right now the only thing on our minds is peace and quiet. After a few years working diligently (neither one of us ever took a vacation) at Turtle Mountain Brewing Company, we finally bid farewell to our families and cohorts in the area.

We were pleasantly surprised when gifts began to pile up to help us on this journey; gas money, a generator, day packs and fishing gear all fell into our laps from the hands of  others wanting to be a part of ‘Mia and Jeremy’s Voyage’. Tears fell, hands shook and hugs held just a little bit longer with every goodbye we made.

I found out just how hard it can truly be to say goodbye to your parents, however the thought of the smiles on their faces when I return to visit reminds me that they, and I, will be just fine. Jeremy wiped away my tears and took my hand, swearing to hold it whenever I need it. With beaming smiles on our faces we grabbed some last minute supplies and waved goodbye to New Mexico forever.

The plan now is to go everywhere… slowly. Song and movie quotes flow through our minds: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it,” “today is the day your life will surely change,” but the most famous phrase we keep remembering and telling each other is “I love you.”

Cliche as it may be, gas and money are truly not the only things that are powering this journey. Love, dreams, and a whole lot of patience have gone into making this dream of living an inspired life a reality and those same things will keep us going. With no chains to bind us, today Jeremy and I will truly know what it means to define freedom.

“The world is an open book. Those who do not travel only read one page.”



Editor’s Note:  Keep up with the adventure as Mia and Jeremy take to the road and define freedom.  

Mia and Jeremy have the stuff to make it but everyone needs a little help from a friend sometimes.  Show your support of this dynamic duo by making a contribution to keep them safe on the road as they share their story with us.  

Donate any amount to Moya’s Journey and if there is a token or small souvenir you’d like from their travel destinations, be sure to include a note and a mailing address and Mia & Jeremy will send it to you!  

If you’ve ever imagined living such an inspired life and you believe in following your dreams and sharing life with someone you love, wherever it takes you,  be brave like Mia & Jeremy and do it! Until you gather the courage, live vicariously through them , follow their love story of life on the road, get inspired by their amazing travel photolog, and share this amazing and courageous adventure with your friends and loved ones.  


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