L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Viktor: Part III

The investigation started and ended quickly, at least it did for Viktor. When two people living right next door to each other suddenly disappear, it raises quite a commotion. There were news cameras, police, family and friends surrounding building twenty-one of the Sunset Park Apartments for about a week after it was finally reported. The boy in 2110 and the girl in 2112 had vanished into what seemed like thin air. No one had a clue about what could have happened. There were no signs of struggle, no blood stains, nothing. The two apartments simply looked as if their tenants had gone out for the day, only it had been a month. The authorities questioned everyone in the complex as well as the families of the two but no one could give them any insight into what had happened, but Viktor could, and he did, sort of.
Around the third night of the second week that the police were running their investigation, he wandered up to the fence and asked one of the officers what had happened, as if he had no idea.
“Two tenants have gone missing” the officer said.
“Really?” he asked. “Any leads yet, Officer Sanchez?”
“No, nothing yet, wait a second, how the hell do you know my name?” the officer was suddenly uneasy, which had been Viktor’s intent.
“Your name tag” he said pointing at the pin on the officer’s chest. “I tend to notice things like that”.
“Well then,” Officer Sanchez began suggestively, “did you notice anything about the tenants of 2110 and 2112?”
“As a matter of fact I did” he had to cough to cover up the slip in his internal laughter. “I work the night shift here you see, don’t see many people unless they are out late. I noticed the girl usually came home late at night, around eleven thirty or twelve thirty depending on whether it was a weekend or weekday. Never really saw anything odd until about two months ago. One night I noticed the boy visiting the girl a lot, didn’t think anything of it. The love affairs of others mean nothing to me.”
“So you think these two were having relations?” the officer said raising an eyebrow.
“One can only guess” he said shrugging as if he had no real idea of what happened, “and if I had to, I would say the two ran away together, but you’re the expert here, not me.”
“Right” Officer Sanchez said flipping his notepad closed. “Well, thanks for the information”.
“Anytime. Are you going to follow up on my tip?” he asked excitedly.
“Um, yea. Of course we will” the officer replied as he turned away and headed back up towards the apartments. “Nut job” he muttered under his breath thinking Viktor was far enough behind him that he could not hear, but he could. Viktor laughed as he turned and walked away into the falling darkness.

“Nut job” he said quietly to himself. “Perfect.” He knew that the police would not question him further now that he had established himself as a crazy. He was just the local gravedigger. No one would take him seriously, and no one ever had, meaning that no one would ever know the truth.
She had been better in theory, much more annoying in person. Always complaining about how she had it so hard and how her job sucks and school is no fun. HA! He’d have given anything to go school, but when you run away from your heroine addicted mother, it isn’t really an option.
“Oh well” he said patting the fresh soil over a newly recorded John Doe, or Jane Doe, grave with his shovel. “No harm no foul”.
Once she started asking questions about the disappearance of the boy next door and hounding him that he must have noticed something, he had to act. She hadn’t been what he’d wanted anyways. Easy on the eyes as she was, she was pretty tough on the ears. So one night when she came home from work, he was waiting for her just on the other side of the fence. That was their usual meeting place. He had to ask if she wasn’t too tired for company. You see, unlike some men who strive after a woman, Viktor was a gentleman and did not impose himself on his desires.  She said she was so he asked her to at least come closer so he could tell her that he finally thought of something odd that he’d noticed about the disappearance of the boy in 2110. As soon as she put her hand on the opening in the fence, the needle hit her skin and she fell. She didn’t feel anything besides a rush of cold water through her veins. He pulled her body through a cut in the fence hidden by a tree that he had made earlier that day, buried her right next to the boy in the mass of unknown graves and then backtracked to fix the fence.
No one would find out, not now, not ever. Not unless or until they unearth that area of land for some reason. That and the fact that he thought she was too embarrassed of him to mention their relationship to her friends so no one even knew that they had been “seeing” each other. Besides, even if they began to suspect him, he would be long gone by the time they did. He knew by now that once the police were involved, it was time to move on. He almost got himself caught with those two blondes back in Colorado. This city was getting boring anyhow and there was no one left to notice.

He awoke the next afternoon and packed what little things he owned and made his way up to the office to give his resignation. He didn’t even think the manager heard him when he told him he was leaving.
“Sir,” he repeated, “I think it’s time for me to move on, see if I can do better for myself.”
“What?” He said not even looking up. “Oh yes yes, sure thing Vincent. Good luck to you”
“Thanks sir” he said closing the door behind him. He didn’t even remember his name. Perfect. As he walked to the gate he had to turn around and laugh at the diminishing amount of police who were still investigating the missing tenants of 2110 and 2112. He wasn’t sure where He would go, but He decided that something on the gulf would be nice.


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