L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

This is the first segment of a story that was nearly five years in the making. It began as a writing assignment in college and was worked on slowly but surely until I was happy ending it. Countless hours of research, bottles of wine, pots of tea and/or coffee, pints of beer, and boxes of goldfish are thanked for the making of this story. I introduce you to Scarlett, Viktor, and Cassie, my stars. A new segment every day! A love story…and killing people. Enjoy!


Viktor: Part I


The stained glass mural of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the mausoleum was enchanting with the backdrop of city lights and night sky. Accented by massive headstones and spiritual figurines on a sea of what is usually vibrant green, but now black sea of grass, it gives an invitational rather than sorrowful feeling, even as the slight drizzle quickly turned to a downpour. A cemetery and crematorium never seems to be where humanity wants to inhabit but it’s quite comforting really. It is, however, an intensely sour view looking from the inside out upon the neighboring apartments. They couldn’t help but stand out with their pink adobe walls and turquoise accents. With all the majestic surroundings that sit just high enough to still see the city lights, it’s no wonder everyone is dying to occupy a plot of this land.

My plan was a much simpler one and definitely quicker than waiting for time to take his toll on the intended victim. All that was required was intense observation and research, clever planning, and charismatic actions, all of which have taken much time to piece perfectly together.

She had no idea she was watched. Everything about her was noticed: her long black hair, hourglass figure and long legs, red-rimmed glasses and her favorite pair of ripped jeans. Every little thing regarded as insignificant, was noticed. Tonight she will see just how important it is to pay attention to things around you.  It’s time to show her that nothing, no not nothing, but no one, should go unnoticed.

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