L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Viktor: Part V

It was a dream come true, haunted hotels, haunted mansions, bars called the Dungeon, Aunt Tiki’s, and the Whirling Dervish, mask and bondage shops, and a multitude of graveyards.
He wandered down Toulouse Street until he came to the Dungeon. It was a raunchy little place from the outside that had two entrances, one to the club and one to the bar on the street. Viktor passed through the hanging rubber slabs into the bar on the street; he wasn’t much of a club goer so just a drink or two would suffice. He entered into a rather small and loud room. It wasn’t too dark but nor was it very well lit either. The bar ran along the right hand wall, a pool table resided in the middle of the room, and a huge projection screen hung from the ceiling at the far end of the bar. There was a movie playing, with no sound to be heard over the stomping industrial music and no subtitles, with what appeared to be zombie sheep attacking people. He took a seat at the bar and ordered a Jack and Coke.
“What is that?” Viktor asked the bar tender loudly while pointing at the screen. She was a young very awkwardly attractive girl. She had chestnut hair with streaks of black, that were obviously dyed, and piercing mahogany eyes. They were so dark they almost looked black until the light caught them.
“Zombie sheep from New Zealand.

Trust me if you’ve ever been there it would be the scariest thing ever. Apparently sheep outnumber people three to one.” She yelled as she handed him his drink.
He paid and turned to watch the zombie sheep as they ravaged the frightened New Zealanders. To him it wasn’t frightening at all, more humorous than anything. While he leaned against the bar he noticed a corner of the club he hadn’t when he had walked in. It was a dark corner raised up about two steps that was turned into a cage. It had a small opening just between the bars and the wall with a small chair in it.
“What’s that for miss?” He asked as he turned back to the bar tender.
“The name’s Evey, not miss” she said with a scowl, “usually drunk couples go up there and make out or, um, well to be blunt, sometimes they go a lot further than that, but most of the time, when it’s not after two in the morning, it’s just another place to sit and drink.”
“Is it clean?” Viktor must have looked disgusted because Evey laughed loudly.
“Not at four in the morning it’s not, but now, yeah. We hose it down every morning and spray it with disinfectants. You think the health inspector would let us stay open if we didn’t clean it? Besides you should see what goes on inside the club around back. I’ve seen some pretty gut wrenching vileness back there. People are disgusting.”
“Doesn’t quite sound like my scene.” Viktor admitted. “This place I like though. I think I’ll go sit there and watch our wonderfully amusing zombie sheep.”
“Well when you need another drink, don’t think I’m going to walk out there to bring it to you. You have to come back to me for that.” She smiled and Viktor took a step back from the bar.
“Not a problem my lady” Viktor said pouring on his best knightly impression.
“HA! You’re sweet. Not from around here are you?” Evey laughed, “Well, keep that demeanor and you’ll be getting ladies for sure. We love gentleman here, as long as you have something fun back at your place” she winked, “it gets boring with all the drunkards hitting on you all the time.”
“I bet” Viktor smiled as he turned to walk to what would become his lookout tower, until after two of course. This was going to be too easy. If all the girls were as eager for a sweet comment instead of a raunchy drunken pick up line as Evey was, he was their man. Evey was different somehow. He wasn’t interested in having her for a victim, but a friend. He had never had one before. This could actually be fun. He would sit and observe while remaining unnoticed by all until he found someone worth coming down from his tower for; maybe this time he would have no need for his sodium pentobarbital filled syringes.

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