L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Cassie: Part IV

Cassie was starting to get worried. She had waged war with a much stronger opponent but had still yet to see any foreboding actions on Aphrodite’s end. In fact, Cassie had hardly even seen her, minus through the window at Aunt Tiki’s. It had been stupid to challenge the red head without more information but it was a mistake she had to live with. She didn’t even know her name. All she knew was that Aphrodite was a murderer, and a better one at that.      
Cassie was aimlessly wandering the streets when she saw him. He made her stop everything, walking, balancing, thinking, even breathing. He looked like he had been a part of NOLA for ages but Cassie new she would have noticed a face like his before. He was just wandering not paying attention to anything in particular. She quickly jumped into one of the many shops that lined Royal Street.

She observed his actions from behind the window, still just wandering, just looking. Once he passed by, she exited and followed him by about ten meters. She followed him all the way to the Dungeon.
“Damn!” She said allowed. The Dungeon was rocky territory ever since she killed Elijah. She waited outside for an hour before she finally convinced herself to go inside. Luckily Evey wasn’t working and it was crowded enough that she could slip through the people without him seeing her. He just sat in the caged corner and drank two drinks. She shadowed him for the rest of the night without incident. For some unknown reason, she knew that she was connected to his soul, but she couldn’t for the life of her figure out why. Something about his very existence drew her to him. It was like looking in a multidimensional mirror at herself, in a way. He had darker hair than she did, but the same pasty white skin and piercing eyes, only his were green. After he left the Dungeon, he went to the back entrance of the St. Lois Cathedral. She wandered Bourbon for the next few hours contemplating her situation. Her mystery man was obviously a local. She knew that St. Louis took in “strays” and many places had basement or attic apartments for them. The fact that she said “no locals”, no longer mattered to her. She didn’t want this one like she wanted the others. For once in her life she decided to give a real relationship a try. If it worked, she would figure out a way to keep up her hobby, and take care of Aphrodite of course. If it didn’t work, she would just do what she does best.

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