L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Scarlett: Part VI

She wandered around Jackson Square for about an hour before she decided she was hungry enough to eat. She never really ate much so she decided on the al a carte evening menu from the Court of Two Sisters. It was an unseasonably warm February evening and they had the patio open so Scarlett took her normal table by the fountain. She ordered a catfish poyboy and a glass of Merlot. While she was waiting for her food, Flow showed up. She took a seat startling Scarlett. For being such a huge woman, Flow was stealthy. She put down her book and smiled. This was a pleasant surprise.
“I’ve already spoken to Audrianna” Scarlett wanted Flow to know right away to eliminate and need to try and tell her again. Public conversations were easily overheard, even if their code was flawless, it was still dangerous. Flow smiled and nodded. She ordered herself a glass of absinthe for the both of them. Scarlett tried to decline but Flow insisted and you didn’t reject Flow more than once. The drinks came and then Flow looked suddenly very serious.
“My dear you are in grave danger.” Flow shook her head. “I should have told you sooner. I’ve been watching the signs and I feel that you are in a game that might be difficult to play alone.” Scarlett didn’t quite understand what Flow was talking about. “My dear,” Flow said taking Scarlett’s hand, “In the game of chess there are some pieces that are more important than others would you not agree?” She setteled back into her chair and sipped on her wine. Scarlett was a little frustrated. She hated it when Flow would go all priestess on her. It was infuriating that she wouldn’t just say whet needed to be said.
“I agree.” Scarlett said. “Flow what is this about?”
“Just let me finish dear.” Flow said gently. Scarlett again settled back into her chair to listen. “Certain games resemble life, like chess. You are playing a game in which you think you are winning, but you are not. You are evenly matched with your opponent. A queen playing a queen is equal, no matter how many games one queen has won, I know you are confident in yourself to win a one on one battle, as I am sure you are as well, however, sometimes it is better to look at the other pieces playing the game and use them as well. A king and a queen are more likely to win against a queen alone. Utilize that piece my child.” Flow finished just as Scarlett’s dinner arrived. Scarlett did nothing but stare at Flow in amazement. “I’ll leave you to your dinner my dear” Flow got up and left before Scarlett could say anything.
Somehow Flow knew exactly what was happening and knew that Scarlett didn’t necessarily need help, but suggested that she take it if it came her way. The metaphor of a strong male piece coming into play also scared Scarlett. She had worked with other women before but never a man. Two women were every man’s dream so working with another woman was bliss. She had done it when she lived in Boston. She had met a girl a little younger than her at the time who she got along with right away. Her name was Killian and she was hot. She was a little taller than Scarlett with waist length blonde hair that was naturally curly. She was everything Scarlett liked in women. They worked together for a summer and claimed over thirty men together. They did have a small love affair with each other, but Killian fell in love and moved on with her life. Scarlett couldn’t blame her. Nik was a great guy. Scarlett really liked him. He also dabbled in illegal activities so Killian and Scarlett were free to visit each other and remember the good old days.
Scarlett ate her food while her brain mulled over all of the information she was just given. She had been planning on going to Aunt Tiki’s and getting drunk with Dave, but then she decided she wanted to go somewhere new. Somewhere she had never been before and didn’t know anybody. She paid her check and wandered up Royal to Toulouse. She turned the corner and saw Cassie waking with a man who very much resembled the man she saw following her. Their eyes met and she felt an electric shock run through her. Her eyes dropped to Cassie but she wasn’t paying attention. They entered a bar on the other side of the street. As close as it was to Reverend Zombie’s she was surprised she had never stopped in before. The man never stopped looking at her. The board was set and the pieces were placed; it was time to start making moves. Scarlett smoked a cigarette outside the bar for a few moments while she devised a game plan. The first move was always the most important, especially when you only had one piece to really control. She snuffed out her cigarette and threw it down the gutter. She composed herself and headed for the door. The young man working the front didn’t look much like the other bouncers around town. He was smaller, much smaller, but something in his eyes gave the impression that he would have no problem with guys three times his size. He had magic oozing off of him and she bet he was good at it.
She entered without looking around for them. She knew the best thing she could do was act like she wasn’t playing. Scarlett wanted Cassie to feel in control. She took a seat at the bar and ordered a drink and opened her book, graphic novel to be exact. She was on volume six of the Sandman Chronicles. The bar tender brought her drink. She was a very cute girl, if you could look past her awkwardness.
“Endless Nights is my favorite.” She said leaning on the bar.
“Huh?” Scarlett hadn’t planned on a stranger striking up a conversation.
“Sandman,” She said pointing, “I like the eleventh the best. You get a lot of background information on the family Endless.” Scarlett smiled a little. She had read the Sandman Chronicles more than a few times through. She had never met another girl who liked Neil Gaiman.
“I don’t think I could pick a favorite.” Scarlett smiled at the girl behind the bar.
“I’m Evey.” She said holding out her hand.
“Scarlett.” Scarlett shook her hand. They say you can judge a person by their handshake, and Scarlett could tell Evey was a strong person with a lot to hide.  “Nice to meet you.”
“Well we don’t get too many truly interesting people in here. When I saw what you were reading I thought I’d make you feel welcome. And so I could have a few seconds of conversation that isn’t scripted to my memory.” She laughed. Scarlett smiled again.
“I’ve never been in here before,” Scarlet began, “but I can bet you get some pretty boring people in here, no offence.” Scarlett said looking around. Evey laughed and then her face turned to stone. Cassie had come up to the bar right next to Scarlett. Scarlett could feel the hatred rolling off Cassie and the eyes of the unknown man in her back.
“Two more please.” The last word dripped like venom from Cassie’s lips. Evey glared at her for a long time before she actually got her drinks. The stand of silence was meant to show Cassie that although Evey had to and would serve her, she hardly wanted to. Cassie took her drinks, didn’t tip, and left. She went to a caged seat in the front corner and sat with the mystery man. All the while his eyes never left Scarlett. She threw him a confused yet intrigued glance, then turned back to the bar.
“What the hell was that?” Scarlett asked. Good opportunity for her to fish for information.
“That is Cassie.” Every word was said with true distaste. She was pissing off bartenders left and right. “I really wish someone would kill her, like she killed my brother.” She was scrubbing the bar so hard Scarlett thought she might rub the wood finishing off.
“She killed your brother?” Scarlett made sure to sound more confused than unbelieving.
“The last time I saw him he was leaving with her. I tried to get him to come home with me but he was drunk and she was practically all over him to say the least. She said they parted ways, I think she killed him. Every time I see her with a guy, he vanishes.” She was must have been pissed because she poured herself a shot of jack and slid one to Scarlett and poured another for herself. “That’s why I hate that she’s sitting with Viktor.” Her mystery man had a name.
“You know him?” Scarlett was ecstatic. The pieces she could use on the board were increasing quickly. Evey eyed Scarlett suspiciously and then smiled.
“Yes I do, and I think you should meet him too.” The look on her face was so menacing that Scarlett knew exactly what she was thinking, and Scarlet loved the idea.
“How do I look? Scarlett said pretending to act like a normal human female.
“Perfect.” Evey laughed. “You ready?” Scarlett nodded.
“Cheers!” Scarlett said raising her shot glass. Evey did the same and they clinked glasses and drank to certain victory.

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