L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Cassie: Part VI

It had been a disaster. Evey was working and the red head showed up. Apparently Evey and Aphrodite were destined to be friends, a big problem for Cassie. She had been seething with anger and jealousy when Evey called Viktor to the bar to introduce him to the red head. Cassie could have gone on a killing spree right then and there but she held herself together. When she couldn’t take the smiling, the laughing, and the flirting, she downed her drink, went up to the bar, grabbed Viktor by his arm and nearly drug him out of the bar.
Viktor had been shocked by her behavior and she had apologized as best she could and Viktor knew from then on that he was going to have to expedite things with Cassie. She obviously had negative predispositions with both Scarlett and Evey and for that he must act. Hopefully this game would be quick. Viktor was good at chess but apparently Scarlett and Evey were playing too. He had never worked alongside others to finish a job but the help might be a nice change. He accepted Cassie’s apology and they returned to their “dating”.
Cassie knew it was time to start fighting. Scarlett was encroaching on everything that should be hers and she wasn’t going to stand for it. From then on Cassie avoided the Dungeon which meant so did Viktor. She knew Aunt Tiki’s was off limits as well, so they went to the Whirling Dervish. It was loud and dirty just like the Dungeon, only instead of a pool table, they had a dance floor.  Viktor didn’t dance but Cassie did to clear her mind. She was a pretty good dancer. She had taken ballet lessons as a child and the grace had somehow made it with her throughout her life. She noticed that Viktor seemed distant and it started to worry her. Usually a man couldn’t stop watching her dance, but Viktor wouldn’t even look at her. She could feel the jealousy in her rise and start dripping from every thought. She was absolutely furious but knew she couldn’t show it. She finished dancing to one of her favorite Combichrist songs and made sure to shed every ounce of anger before returning to Viktor. She had decided that if he didn’t want to pay attention to her, that was fine. She would focus all her energy into taking out her competition.
“Babe, I’m tired. I’m going home.” She said. They still had yet to invite one another over to their homes, but that was also fine. He hardly looked at her when he replied.
“Alright.” He kissed her cheek which sent a surge of rage through her. He was playing her. Maybe it was time to get rid of them both, but maybe just the red head for now. With her out of the picture Cassie could focus on seducing Viktor. She grabbed her purse from off his chair and didn’t say goodbye as she left. Viktor felt the anger trail behind Cassie like the wake of a speedboat. He waited for no more than thirty seconds before he followed her. She wasn’t going home. He followed her to the front of Aunt Tiki’s where he watched her from the cover of a darkened retail shop doorway.
Cassie had found a nice dark spot by a bush across the street and sat down. She knew the red head would be at Aunt Tiki’s, and she was right. Seated at her usual spot at the bar, Cassie watched from her hiding place as her competition drank and laughed with the bartender. For being a murderer, she sure had a lot of friends. Cassie thought friends were a liability and she never wanted to have to kill someone she truly liked, not after Elijah. It wasn’t long before the red head got up to leave. Cassie sprang into a crouch like a cat about to spring. Viktor had to intervene. He quickly shed his cover and walked into the street. When Cassie saw him she stood and glared at him with all hatred. He was ruining everything. She decided to change her plan. If he was going to keep her from the red head, then he wasn’t going to have a moment alone. She walked into the street, took his hand, and began leading him in the direction of his home. It was the last thing that Viktor wanted but he had to keep Cassie from the red head until he could figure out what to do with her.

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