L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Viktor: Part VII

Viktor knew that his plan might be harder than he thought. Cassie was a spirited and emotional character. She had indulged to him that she had been in love with him ever since the first time she saw him. This he knew, but he never expected her to be so adamant about their togetherness. Whenever he wasn’t working she wanted to be with him. She would leave notes for him at the gift shop with Miss Launa who though that it was a good thing that he found someone special. If she only knew the real reason why he had Cassie hanging around, Miss Launa would be horrified. Surprisingly, Viktor found himself confiding in the homeless man he let stay in the graveyard. Cal was privy to the fact that Viktor was annoyed by Cassie and since she was following the girl he truly was interested in and that Viktor suspected that Cassie would cause harm to the red haired temptress. One Tuesday night Viktor realized that he may have divulged too much information to Cal but was suddenly relieved when Cal finally spoke his mind.
“Why don’t you just kill her and throw her in the river?” He asked.
“What?!” Viktor exclaimed.
“Seriously son,” Cal continued, “from what you’ve told me about this Cassie, she seems potentially dangerous and extremely annoying. If you are only trying to protect the one you love, I see no harm in ridding the harm completely.”
Viktor was shocked at the statement and trying to cover his intentions he said, “You can’t be serious.”
“That I am my son.” Cal replied. “Believe it or not, I have killed someone. Well, more than one someone.”
“What?” Viktor was shocked. Cal had always seemed so gentle and loving. “I don’t believe you.” He said handing Cal a cigarette.
“Well, believe it son” Cal began. “I told you my wife left me, but what I didn’t tell you was that the man she is with presently is not the man she left me for.” Viktor sat on the ground at Cal’s feet while he continued, “I thought that if that man, James, didn’t exist, that Lucy would come back to me, so I killed James. It wasn’t hard. I just caught him one night when he was leaving his office late at night and pushed him down a dark alley and strangled him. I drug the body over the wall here and pried open one of the family plots and stuck his body in it. The hardest part was getting him over the wall unnoticed, but it did no good. She started dating his partner Michael. I killed him too, same way, but again it was worthless. Lucy started seeing their boss, Daniel. They’re married now. I realized that she would never come back to me no matter how many of her lovers I murdered. Damn hussy. Both bodies are in the family plot over there.” Cal pointed to the far north section of the cemetery. “I’d keep doing it anyways if I thought I could get away with it. I would do anything to make her miserable but the feds questioned me after Michael and I know they would have arrested me if they had only had enough evidence.”
Viktor couldn’t believe his ears. In all his years, he had never met a fellow murderer he could talk to. Cal could be his confidante, his partner, maybe even his friend, something normal in his completely non normal life. If Cal was as eager to kill as he was, there was no real use in hiding his intentions and who he really was. “Cal, I want to ask you something, but you have to be totally honest with me or else I will have to kill you” Viktor said slowly.
“Whoa there kid” Cal replied holding his hands up in surrender. He wasn’t worried at all but didn’t want Viktor feeling threatened. It had taken long enough to get to this point and he didn’t want to ruin his one chance at human interaction. “You can ask me anything and I swear there will be no need to silence me. I’m a wanted man enough as it is. There’s nothing you could ask or tell me that would make me go to the cops.”
“Okay then. I trust you” Viktor began holding out his hand. Cal shook it with a smile.
“Bring it on kid. What’s the plan?” Cal sat across from Viktor with a hint of excitement in his eyes.
“I’m going to kill Cassie. She’s a liability, a potential threat, and like you said before extremely annoying. I also don’t like the fact that she’s knows my Aphrodite. There’s something about Cassie I just can’t stand, like a little sister you want to strangle to death. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, I’ve killed people too, but not for the same reasons you have. I won’t go into detail or else you might change your mind, but I may need your help getting rid of Cassie’s body. I’ve always worked as a grave digger and buried my victims in the Jon Doe section of each cemetery, but here I can’t do that. Can I trust you to be my accomplice? Remember if I get any hint that you may betray me I will kill you.” Viktor finished and looked Call right in the eyes.
“Hell kid I could have used you when I took up murder!” Cal looked like he was ecstatic to the idea. “I knew you was a killer like me for a while. I get around these parts more than you think. These past few months you have been more than kind to me. You’ve been like the son I never had. I swear on my wife’s grave, may God make that possible, that I will never betray you.” Cal finished with one hand on his heart and the other towards the sky.
“Okay then” Viktor began with a smile, “Here’s what I have in mind.”

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