L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Viktor: Part VIII

What is she doing here?” Viktor asked under his breath as Scarlett walked in to door of the Dungeon that Saturday. “This is not good. This is the third night in a row.” She ordered a drink from Evey and sat at the bar, slightly facing his direction. Cassie was sitting next to him, a little too close for comfort, up in his tower. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her and can Cassie noticed, as she did every weekend.
“What are you staring at her again for?” she asked, obviously offended. “She’s not even pretty. Look at that scar on her face! It’s hideous!”
“Sorry lover,” Viktor began in an attempt to save himself. “I’m not captivated… I was looking at her scar. It is hideous.” He lied.
“Need another drink my dear?” Cassie asked. She seemed somewhat subdued.
“Um… yes I do dearest.” Viktor just wanted her away from him for the moment.
“Be right back then” She kissed him, on the cheek, which made him cringe, and proceeded to the bar.
“This is bad. This is really bad.” Viktor said to himself. “Doesn’t she know she’s putting herself in danger? More than just from me?” Viktor knew his time to act was now. He slammed the last of his drink and left the Dungeon without being seen by Scarlett, Evey, or Cassie. He had little time.
“This is bad.” He gasped as he reached the back door to the church. He was startled by the voice that came out of the shadows.
“You okay kid?” Cal said stepping into the light.
“God damnit Cal!” Viktor yelled. “You scared the living shit out of me! And for your information I’m not okay. Scarlett showed up at the Dungeon again tonight and it made Cassie all cocky and when I left, Cassie, Scar, and Evey were all yelling over the bar. She will follow Scarlett tonight. I know she will, after all the stunts my Aphrodite has pulled over the past three nights. What am I going to do?” Viktor was hyperventilating; he had never felt like this before. For once he was worried about a life that was about to end instead of excited about taking it.
“Slow down Vic, and breathe.” Cal said trying to calm him. “I know where she lives.”
“You do? How?” He was gasping for air.
“After our talk about her I made sure to keep an eye out for a lovely red haired woman. And I saw her walking down St. Phillip street about a week ago. I followed her for you and have been keeping an eye on the place. She is the new mortician’s assistant at the Charbonnet-Labat. I know because I saw her go in the backdoor. There’s an apartment down there. The owner advertises free room and board in his classifieds. I just came from there, and I saw Cassie heading that direction.”
“Cal,” Viktor began, “it’s time to do what we talked about. Can I count on you?”
“Sure thing kid. Go get your supplies and I’ll meet you at the funeral home. We don’t want to be too late. Maybe I can hold either one off, unless of course we are too late already.”
“Don’t say that!” Viktor growled as he flung his door open and burst into a run.
“Don’t worry kid!” Cal yelled at his back. “The only way to catch a killer is to think like a killer and we’re one killer brain up!”
“Get going!” Viktor yelled his voice barely audible.
“Alright Cal,” he said to himself, “time to bring back those college champion sprinter legs!” He stored his sack behind the statue of the Virgin Mary and took off.

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