L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Scarlett: Part IX

“And the house is still haunted to this day!” Cal finished his story and looked at Scarlett. She was absolutely enchanted by the story. Maybe a little too enchanted. Cal looked forward to hide his unease and realized they were right outside the back door to the Charbonnet-Labat, which was open. He looked back at Scarlett who had just noticed the same thing.
“What the?” She began but a loud crash cut her off. “There’s someone down there!” She yelled, more angry and scared. “You set me up!” She turned on Cal who was terrified by the murderous glare in Scarlett’s eyes.
“No! No I didn’t!” Cal whimpered backing away. He had never been this scared of anyone in his life. No wonder she liked the story of Delphine La Laurie. They were one in the same.
“I’ll give you one chance to explain before I kill you and your friend down there!” She was advancing on him quickly so he did the only think he could think of to do. Tell the truth.
“No it’s like this. My pal Viktor, the one I told you about. He’s in love with you and this other girl Cassie, he’s not in love with her. After the ordeal at the bar tonight he thought she might hurt you and he was right. I saw her come in her carrying a crowbar. He’s here too. But he’s here to try and protect you.” Cal regained some of his gallantry for the sake of his friend. “Now we can stand here talking or we can get down there and see what’s going on. He may need my help!” He stood his ground and began to walk towards the door.
Scarlett was stuck in her tracks. Viktor was here trying to kill Cassie, his sister, although he didn’t know it, so she could be safe? She was suddenly filled with contempt for Cassie and an odd worry that Viktor might be in danger. “Alright let’s go! But you go first in case you’re lying.” She said as she stepped aside so Cal could pass. Another crash sounded through the hall and the both turned and ran towards the light.
Cal and Scarlett barreled through the door in time to see Cassie lunge at Viktor. He barely dodged her. When she looked up and saw Scarlett and rage filed Cassie’s face.
“YOU!” She screamed as she jumped to her feet. Cal ran to help Viktor up. The room was a mess. The tables were knocked over and Cassie’s crowbar and all Scarlett’s tools were strewn across the floor. Cassie circled towards her with wrath in her eyes, one of which was swollen and black. Before Scarlet could move, Cassie lunged at Scarlett knocking her over. Scarlett was able to flip Cassie over so she had the advantage. Before Scarlet could get her hands around Cassie’s neck, she was being pulled off of Cassie.
“What the hell are you doing?” She yelled. “I can take care of her just let me go!” Cal had one of his arms around Scarlett’s waist and the other holding her left arm. She tried to struggle away but he was stronger than he looked. He let go of her waist to grab her other arm and pinned them both behind her back.
“Calm down little lady!” He said. “We can help you. Just calm down.” Scarlett relaxed slightly when she saw Viktor pounce on Cassie and knock the wind out of her. He pinned Cassie, the same way Cal pinned her; master and protégé, how typical.
“Cal,” Viktor said, “if she is willing to calm down let her go.” He looked Scarlett right in the eyes and she knew she was in no danger so she relaxed and Cal let her go. Scarlett stood there shocked that someone cared about her enough to risk their own life and even one of a friend to protect her. It was obvious that he knew what she was thinking because he smiled at her and she felt like she was the only thing he could see. Cassie was trying to thrash violently in his arms.
“You ruined everything!” She screamed. She sounded what Scarlett thought a demon might sound like. “You didn’t want him! He was mine and you just waltz right in and decide you want him! He’s too good for you, you tramp!” She growled and spat at Scarlett’s feet. “I swear I’ll kill you! Viktor! Let me go!”
“No!” Viktor’s voice was suddenly harsh. Scarlett was taken aback and it made her feel bad for Cassie, a little. He was trying to maneuver her towards something that Scarlett couldn’t see. “Cal,” Viktor said, “can you grab that for me?” He motioned to the left with his head. Cal ran into a shadow and grabbed something and handed it to Viktor. It was a syringe.

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