L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Cassie: Part VIII

Cassie began thrashing more than before. Scarlett stared at Viktor as Cal handed him the syringe.
“Wait,” Scarlett said as Viktor maneuvered the syringe in his hand to be comfortable in his grip. “There’s something you need to know.” Scarlett had never intended to have to tell Viktor that Cassie was his sister. She was just going to kill her and roll with the punches. She opened her mouth to continue.
“I know.” Viktor cut her off and the room went dead silent. Scarlett cocked her head to the side and studied him intently.
“Since when?” She asked.
“Since about ten minutes ago.” He kept trying to subdue Cassie but she simply wouldn’t give in. Cal felt oddly out of place and finally spoke.
“I’ve known for months.” He was extremely quiet.
“Bullshit.” Scarlet said picking Cassie’s crowbar off the floor and positioning herself behind a table. Viktor was staring at Cal in shock. He knew and never said a word?
“It’s true,” Cal spat out before Viktor could say anything, “I’ve lived here over forty years and I know a lot more than people think.”Everyone in the room was dead silent and still. Cal continued, “Flow has a sister who is anything but her mirror image. Scarlett you are Flow’s and Viktor, you are Launa’s.” Viktor and Scarlett stood dead still and stared at Cal in extreme confusion. Finally Cal spoke again, “So now we all know the truth, Launa asked me to watch Viktor, Flow and Viktor asked me to watch Scarlett, Cassie and Viktor are from the same mother and Scarlett is the protégé child of ancient gypsies. I am nothing but a humble homeless man who happens to know every secret of this city. The only question now is how to proceed.” Every one exchanged glances and the decision was unanimous, with the exception of Cassie of course, to carry on as they were.
“Wait,” Scarlett said as Cal backed away from Cassie and Viktor, “I have to know something first.” Scarlett moved around the table to come eye to eye with Cassie. “I’ll ask you this once and only once. Lie to me and die, tell the truth and you’ll die less painfully.” Cassie, Viktor and Cal all were taken aback by the malicious tone in Scarlett’s voice. Cassie’s full attention was on the emerald green eyes that were burning her from both the front and the back. “Did you kill Evey’s brother Elijah?” Viktor jerked as the question was finished. He his head back to Cassie and glared at her. Cassie struggled to look anywhere but into his eyes. She finally sighed and relaxed confirming her answer. A single tear fell down her cheek as Scarlett nodded to Viktor. Cassie looked into the eyes that she so long ago had envied and now hated with every ounce of her being, yet somehow she still longed to be accepted by him. He didn’t shed a tear for her and she began to sob.

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