L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Viktor: Part X

Viktor looked up at Scarlett as he jabbed the syringe into Cassie’s neck. She fell limp immediately. He let the syringe drop and it rolled to Scarlett’s feet as he cradled Cassie to the floor. Scarlett picked it up in awe.
“Where did you find sodium pentobarbital?” She asked excitedly. Scarlett had been trying to get her hands on some forever but never managed, not even Flow could get some. He looked shocked at her knowledge of what he had just done.
“I used to work in a prison. Swiped it the day I left. But how did you?” He asked quizzically but he was cut off.
“It looks like you and I are in the same business only I have to get my hands dirty.” she laughed.
“Ha!” he laughed with her. “Ever dig graves my lady? Don’t talk to me about getting my hands dirty.” They were both laughing when Cal brought them out of the moment.
“She’s gone” he said checking Cassie’s pulse. “Now Viktor why don’t you bring Scarlett here up to speed on what just happened so she doesn’t think I’m trying to set her up and kill us both.” Cal winked at her and she blushed with embarrassment. It felt weird. She hardly ever blushed. Not unwillingly anyways. Scarlett eyed the ready furnace then glanced at Cassie. For once she felt ashamed of her thoughts.
“Don’t worry little lady.” Cal said with a smile. “Us three are all in the same business. Looks like killin’ is what we all do best. Make quite a team we do too!” Cal slapped Viktor on the back and then bowed to Scarlett. “Let’s get on with this so we can clean up before morning.” He said nodding towards the furnace. Cal and Viktor cleaned up the room and lifted Cassie onto a gurney and Scarlett wheeled her to the mouth of the furnace. Viktor looked at Scarlett and then to Cassie, then smiled as they pushed their problem into the flames.

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