L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Scarlett: Part X

He had wanted to stay the night with her but she didn’t let him. Scarlett kept the box containing Cassie’s ashes and the three of them agreed to meet the next evening to discuss what to do with them. Viktor let out a sigh and shook his head as Scarlett closed the door to lock them out. She slept better than she had in a long time however; her dreams were filled with men who had emerald green eyes instead of blue ice and saphire.
They were wandering Jackson Square when she arrived. They all inconspicuously followed each other onto the banks of the Mississippi where they took a seat on the ground next to one another. Scarlett pulled the box from her rucksack and laid it in front of Viktor who was in the middle.
“You were her brother; I think that you should be the one to do it.” Scarlett said as she took his hand. Viktor smiled and then looked very scared. Scarlett dropped his hand and slid away. She was never good with relationship type issues and she thought he had liked her. She reminded herself of all the others and composed herself.
“Well,” Viktor said slowly, “I think there’s someone who would like to do this more than I would.” He looked her in the eyes and Scarlett knew who he was talking about. Scarlett wasn’t comfortable with the idea but she did agree with him on some level. Cal was shaking his head.
“For serial killers, you two sure do have a lot of empathy for other people. It’s just a little bit sickening.” He said still shaking his head. Maybe he wasn’t as hardened as he had said he was. Most people who knew and or agreed with the lifestyles of people like Scarlett and Viktor usually weren’t. “But I guess I think you two are right. Evey should be the one to decide. It’s only fair.” Scarlett and Viktor nodded in agreement and Cal rose to go find Evey. He knew where he could find her this time of the evening. Once Cal was out of earshot, Viktor turned to Scarlett and grabbed her shoulders and turned her towards him.
“What are you afraid of?” He asked with words cold as stone. Scarlet shook him off and glared at him in distaste. She didn’t like being interrogated about her actions. “Let me rephrase that,” Viktor continued relaxing a little, “why do you not want to have” he paused, “contact with me.” Scarlett stared at him blankly. She knew exactly what he meant but she wasn’t about to start trying to explain how she was to him, no matter how much she wanted to. Every one she got close to ended up dead, and usually by her hands. He stared at her a minute longer in silence and then sighed and turned back toward the river. She tried to stay stone but broke like ice under a pick.
“Commitment,” She said as she turned to face the river, “I’m afraid of commitment. I try to love but all I do is kill and no offence but I think I could take you.” He laughed so quickly it made her mad.
“Well then,” he said turning back to her and taking her face in her hands, “game on.” He smiled and kissed her like she had never been kissed before. She pushed him back and gripped his throat with her right hand.
“I will warn you once,” she said tightening her grip, “I am no mere woman; I will kill you if I have to.” She almost sounded like she was hissing. He smiled and removed her hand from his throat.
“And I would kill everyone for you.” He kissed her hand and she felt a shudder run through her spine, but she still refused to believe there was someone that could truly understand her. She sighed and lowered her head and Viktor laughed. They were still holding hands when Cal returned with Evey.
“What the hell is this about?” Evey yelled. “I was on a date when this guy comes in and insists that I come with him. I was in Galitorie’s! Galitorie’s! Do you know how expensive that place is! What is so damned important that I have to leave a three hundred dollar meal with Rick for?” Scarlett and Viktor both giggled when she said his name. Rick was the bouncer from the dungeon who was so overprotective of Evey it was almost scary, but he had a good soul and they were both happy for her. Viktor picked up the box and handed it to Evey without a word. He and Scarlett both stood. Evey was silent as she held the box in her hands. “This is her?”
“Yes.” Scarlett and Viktor answered in unison. Evey sighed and then smiled. Then, she started laughing hysterically. Viktor, Scarlett, and Call all took a few steps back as Evey began ripping the box apart and throwing Cassie’s ashes into the sky. She danced and laughed until the box was empty and threw it in the river where it floated into the path of one of the riverboats and was destroyed. Evey stopped dancing and let out a long breath. She didn’t know why but something about that moment and made the past okay. She could let go of her hatred for Cassie and let go of Elijah. Something inside her changed and she turned around a new woman.
“She deserved worse,” she finally said, “but thank you all for this.” She turned and held out her arms for a group hug. Cal was the first to take the invitation, Viktor second. She let go of them and walked to Scarlett.
“Look I know you aren’t ok with having someone like me in your circle, but I promise you, because of what you did for me, for Elijah, for us, I will always be in your debt.” She didn’t try, but Evey’s eyes started leaking, just one tear per eye and Scarlett couldn’t fight it. She embraced Evey as she began to sob. The two held in embrace for more than a minute before Evey pulled back. It was awkward for Scarlett but she had had friends before. She remembered Killian and Steph. Steph never partook in the killing but she was always there to talk to about it. She was like Dave, only much, much, closer to Scarlett. Unfortunately, Steph was in London running a “Complete Works of Shakespeare” theater show for the next four years. Scarlett missed her terribly and reminded herself to send Steph a letter. She could never write back because Scarlett moved so often, but she wanted Steph to know she was okay. When Scarlett looked at Evey, she saw another potential Steph or Killian. Scarlett smiled and Evey did in return. Viktor walked to them and hugged them both.     
“You should probably get back to dinner,” Viktor said pulling away, “Rick would be worried by now.” He let go of Evey but continued to keep his arm around Scarlett’s waist. She wasn’t comfortable with it but she let it slide. When Evey noticed and smiled in excitement Scarlett blushed and tried to give her the drop dead stare but it didn’t work.
“Why don’t you join us?” Evey asked hopefully. Scarlett and Viktor both laughed.
“To use your words against you,” Scarlett began, “’do you know how expensive that place is?’” She finished with a laugh.
Cal left them to go wander for a while. He didn’t say when he’d be back but he said it would be a while. Scarlett and Viktor both wanted to know what was going on, but they let him go with silent nods. He didn’t wave goodbye. Without a word, Viktor took Scarlett’s hand and led her into Aunt Tiki’s. Dave was working. Scarlett stopped suddenly when she realized where they were going.
“No.” She said solidly, standing steadfast in her stance. Viktor let go of her hand and stood at the door. Dave was able to see them through the window from behind the bar and came outside.
“Scarlett,” he began pushing Viktor out of the way like he didn’t exist, “Its ok. Evey came by on her way back to dinner and told me everything she knew.” He held out his arms to her and she embraced him in a way that made Viktor’s white skin turn green in envy. She glared at him when their eyes met; if he was going to be jealous of a gay man then he would not last. He heard the unspoken words and composed himself. Scarlett held on to Dave long enough to make him uncomfortable and he pushed her back and held her at arm’s length. “The usual?” he asked.
“Please.” she said finally relaxing.
“And for the gentleman?” Dave asked turning to Viktor with a wary eye.
“Considering the circumstances,” he began moving between Dave and Scarlett and putting his arm around her again, “A double shot of Jack and a Dead Guy.” He said seeing no one but her. Dave nodded and went back to his job. Viktor held the door for Scarlett and it made her feel all the more uncomfortable.
The rest of the night went from being able to cut the tension with a knife to easily enjoyable and Dave wasn’t the only one to notice which confused Viktor all the more when once again Scarlett didn’t let him stay over. Viktor went back to St. John’s while Scarlett lay in bed without sleeping all night. She couldn’t get over the idea that Bonnie and Clyde might not be the only duo to go down in history.

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