L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

July 4th

It had been a very interesting few months. New Orleans seemed to go silent and it was deafening to anyone who was paying attention. Scarlett was worried about Flow, who still wasn’t back yet and Viktor had seen the worry on Ms. Launa’s face in the past few weeks as well. Viktor was more worried about Cal, who also had yet to return as well. Neither Scarlett nor Viktor thought he would have stayed away so long. Evey was still around although it was much less than normal. She and Rick had gotten engaged and were planning a ceremony for Fall Solstice. They had both saved up enough money to be able to work only a couple days a week and since they moved in together, Scarlett and Viktor saw less and less of them as time passed. They knew they wouldn’t be invited to the wedding. Rick didn’t know who they were outside of their façade and Evey wasn’t about to tell him. They weren’t offended; it was something they were used to. Dave was still a steady foundation for Scarlett but she wasn’t sure for how much longer. A young and beautiful boy had spent a month here and he and Dave vowed to be together again as quickly as possible. Dave had been working so many shifts Scarlett was sure it would be any day now that he told her he was leaving.
Viktor had tried to work his way into Scarlett’s foundation but he still had yet to succeed. No matter how hard he tried or didn’t try, Scarlett remained exactly how she had always been. She wouldn’t let him sleep over, hold his hand in public areas, or let him show affection to her in any way where other eyes were present. He didn’t understand and she didn’t try to explain. He was still a liability to her. She was not about to give up everything she had accomplished for some guy who turned to putty in her hands. It was more than awkward and she was beginning to get annoyed.
Viktor met her at Aunt Tiki’s at seven. Dave wasn’t working and Viktor could see the distress on Scarlett’s face. He knew something was wrong and he knew what that something was; it had been over a month since Scarlett had killed, since both of them had. He took the seat next to her, ordered a shot, took it, and mustered up the courage to finally ask her what he had been dying to for quite some time. He turned to her and mad her he turn to him.
“How do you feel about a team kill?” He asked in a whisper still holding her shoulders. She cocked her head and looked at him with an expression he had never seen on anyone ever before. He had no clue what to do so he continued talking. “Just hear me out,” he began letting go of her but leaning in so they wouldn’t be overheard, “I know you need your release just as much as I do,” he hadn’t meant for the sexual pun and as her expression came to disgust he hurried on, “not like that. You know what I mean. I don’t know what’s going on in that head of yours but I know you need to do what you need to do as much as I do. As long as we make some rules I think this could work.” He sat back waiting for her to answer. She contemplated for a long time. For a second he was distracted by the fireworks going off over the Mississippi but turned back to her when he noticed she wasn’t watching them. He was beginning to get worried when she finally answered.
“What did you have in mind?” She asked with a sly smile. It was time she let go of her inhibitions and did what she did best. Two heads were better than one.

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