L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

September 13th

The storm that started that night in August continued at a constant rate with a slight increase in intensity over the first few weeks in September. It had been dry enough all summer that the constant rain had yet to cause any real concern throughout the quarter yet everyone was taking small precautions in case the clouds decided to simply open up and drown them. Scarlett and Viktor were the only ones left around. Evey and Rick were gone, Cal never came back, and there were no traces of anyone they had met through Flow. It was eerily quiet throughout the Quarter. The court of two sisters was hardly ever open because it’s awfully hard to open a mainly patio establishment in the rain, Aunt Tiki’s was closed indefinitely since Dave left and essentially ran the place alone, even the dungeon was a ghost town. No one seemed to want to be out and about. Everyone simply moved throughout their days without incident.
Scarlett and Viktor were getting anxious. It had been quite some time since they killed and with the lack of inflow of tourists their targets were becoming less and less. Scarlett had moved into Viktor’s small apartment weeks ago. The day after the storm started Viktor helped Scarlett pack her miniscule amount of belongings. She even shed a tear when she locked the door for the last time. She left the key under the mat and hadn’t been back since. And nothing had happened since.
“This is getting ridiculous.” Scarlett said. She was stretched across Viktor’s bed with her head hanging off the end. “I need some stimulation Vik. I’m going crazy!” She rolled over onto her stomach and sighed deeply. Viktor looked up from Scarlett’s copy of the collected works of Edgar Allan Poe, shut it and put it aside.
“What did you have in mind my love?” He asked in his unusually dotting tone. Scarlett rolled her eyes and rolled back onto her back. She didn’t like it when he talked to her like that but it was something he said she would have to get used to. She glared at him from her upside down position for quite some time before she spoke again.
“You don’t feel it?” She asked angrily. “You don’t feel like you’re missing something? A part of you that you’ve been denying, it feels like something inside of me is missing and it won’t let me forget it.” She did a backbend off the bed and fell back so she landed in Viktor’s lap. “I need to kill someone and if I don’t find someone soon,” she spun and straddled him to face him, “and if I don’t find someone soon I’m going to kill you my dear.” She giggled and kissed him on the forehead. He didn’t like it when she did this but like his tone with her, had had to get used to it. He hated feeling like, and knowing, that he could at any moment become one of her victims. He kissed her back and stood up and moved her back to the bed, keeping her legs around his waist. He remained on top of her as he laid her back. The look on her face said she was both curious and apprehensive about how this situation could play out. She knew she was in a vulnerable position with him above her, but she had no doubt that her agility and flexibility would get her out of any trouble Viktor might do to her. She slid her arms into a defensive position and he backed away from her but not leaving the bed. He knelt on the edge of the bed and took his shirt off. He was whiter than anyone Scarlett had ever seen. It was a little unnatural, as if he had a recusant albino gene in his family that just so happed to come out in him. His sister had not been that white. He then leaned back down and kissed her gently on the cheek. He lightly slid his lips to her ear and whispered.
“I have something else in mind besides killing,” He nibbled her ear lobe and she let out a small moan, “and it will calm your hunger my pet.” His teeth latched on to her neck and her primal instincts took over.

She woke and went to the window to smoke. The rain was falling harder now but in the basement apartment it was a cool welcome. Viktor’s lifeless body lay on the bed. That was certainly something that she hadn’t expected. She didn’t understand what the look in his eyes had meant but eventually she got the idea. She gazed out the window at the darkening sky. The clouds were so thick that no trace of stars could be seen. She exhaled and the smoke was sucked out the window immediately. What to do now? She just crossed a line that she hadn’t expected to for a little longer and the appropriate following actions were unknown to her. A creak in the floorboards startled her and her spun around quickly. Viktor had wretched himself out of bed and was halfway across the room to her still completely naked.
“Fucking hell Viktor,” Scarlett gasped, “stop lurking around.” She turned back to the window, “you know I hate it when you creep around like that. How’d you learn to be so quite anyways?” He walked up beside her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He kissed the back of her neck and she rolled her eyes. He let go and stole her smoke and went back to sit at the table. Scarlett looked around for a clock but found none.
“What time is it?” She asked returning to lie on the bed.
“Does it matter?” Viktor replied exhaling. We don’t have anything to do. I spoke with the priests last night and they relieved me of my duties as of yesterday. They said I could remain here in the church for as long as I needed, but it looked as if some of them were weary about the situation.” Scarlett sighed and laid on her stomach on the bed. “How much money do you have saved up?”
“About three grand.” He replied getting up and going to the cabinet. He pulled a bottle from the top shelf and went back to the table. He poured two large glasses of absinthe and turned back to her, “and you?”
“About two and a half.” Viktor looked disappointed so she continued. “I sent Audrianna some extra funds in case they got in any trouble in Africa.” She swung her legs around so she was sitting on the edge of the bed with her arm outstretched for her glass. Viktor looked at her questioningly and then handed her the glass. It was out of her nature to be that generous but she had loved Audrianna like a sister and would be very upset if she had to go to Africa to kill off the men of an ancient tribe, but she would if she had to. Viktor had downed his glass and was filling another for himself. She downed hers and got up and placed on the table for him to fill. Viktor held his glass up for a toast. Scarlet did the same and proclaimed, “To a final kill and an immense journey.”
“And what may I ask is the plan?” Viktor said slamming his drink and pouring another. Scarlett sipped on her glass looking over the rim at Viktor with extreme excitement.
“All Hallow’s Eve we kill, Halloween, we leave.” Scarlett guzzled her drink and held her glass out for another. He poured it for her and she smiled a vicious smile.
“I have an idea.” She snickered as they cheersed again.

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