Wayward Souls Beware

{This one’s dedicated to Christopher Brennan. Don’t forget your sword tomorrow.} 


Wayward souls with wayward hearts

I wonder where they get their starts.

Is it in the womb where deceit takes seed

And makes the soul succumb to greed?


Or is it later with chums in school

Where they learn this ugly tool-

To twist and lie and deny the facts

While other liars `get their backs’?


Or when in business, they rise to power-

Is it this that makes them sour?

Their handshakes empty, their motives stacked,

Is it with the Devil they make their pact?


Wayward ones with wayward souls-

You know these ones who abuse their roles.

It’s in this moment, the here, the now

In which they plunder and disavow.


Honest souls of honest heart,

It’s left to you to stand apart-

To rise above and lead the pack-

It’s those with honor who’ve got your back.


Wayward souls with wayward deeds

In your plots you’ll n’er succeed.

For Honest souls who’ve goodness within

Will, with swords of truth reveal your sin.


Copyright- 2008


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