Original Poetry: Love, True and Terrible

Love is just evil. A liar. A thief.
It murdered my hopes, choked all my beliefs .
Love played a trick-it made me feel whole.
Now tears and great loss are all that I know.
Love can’t be trusted- it’s vicious and cruel.
It lifted me up, just to make me its’ fool.
It might build your foundations, but it breaks me anew-
Day after day I know I am doomed.

Nothing is sweet now-no color, no light.
I’m broken completely.
Love has stolen my fight.
It took what it needed and threw me away-
Disposed of me quickly and had little to say.
Love said at first, “It’s amazing. I feel this-
Yes, I’m sure…it’s you that I want.”
I was careful. I questioned, but from the first kiss I was caught.

Time and again Love convinced me- It sold and it sold

and I bought and I bought.
In the night Love would whisper
“I swear it…it’s you.”
It would hold me and kiss me until I said that I knew.
“Open up. Show yourself.”
And it grew and it grew-
Love told those lies and made me believe they were True.
Wait.. was that Love?

Perhaps, no.
It was you.

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