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Name: Carol Ann Conover
Date registered: November 24, 2010


This self-described different breed of woman only likes to spoon after a good fork, uses the good china for hot meals every day of the week, gets crafty with beer and ages like fine wine. Not afraid of bathroom humor, the "C" word or baiting her own fish-hooks, this Jersey girl serves up fresh humor, tips, chips, chains and whips on everything under the sun and where it doesn't shine. Mess with her family, her friends, or don't tip your bartender, she'll be on you like a seagull attacking a French fry. Consider yourself warned.

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She Said by Alex Nelson

If you don’t know who Alex Nelson is, you should. His album Everything You Wanted to Say But Didn’t resonates with all those awkward emotions that scream inside of us that we’re too bashful to say out loud when it counts.


This year, remember to Carpe Diem

Maybe the thing about New Year’s is that people seem more comfortable with deciding to make better decisions, to let go of past pains, redefine how close to their lives negativity is permitted to get. It’s a mass scale wiping-clean of the slate. It’s more palatable to our sensibilities to rage, rage into that good …

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Original Poetry: Love, True and Terrible

Love is just evil. A liar. A thief. It murdered my hopes, choked all my beliefs . Love played a trick-it made me feel whole. Now tears and great loss are all that I know. Love can’t be trusted- it’s vicious and cruel. It lifted me up, just to make me its’ fool. It might …

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Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell


It’s time for Fort Lauderdale to cancel Marina Lofts

It’s been nearly two weeks since Asi Cymbal backed out of an opportunity to face Chris Brennan. By now you know the story- Rain Tree, Florida Fidelity video, Water Taxi, a marine job threatened and lost- it’s been broadcast far and wide and has gained national attention, and rightly so. Our own Sun-Sentinel has even …

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Wayward Souls Beware

{This one’s dedicated to Christopher Brennan. Don’t forget your sword tomorrow.}    Wayward souls with wayward hearts I wonder where they get their starts. Is it in the womb where deceit takes seed And makes the soul succumb to greed?   Or is it later with chums in school Where they learn this ugly tool- …

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Developer plays dirty, gets Chris Brennan fired

You’ll recall from a previous segment that Chris Brennan, Florida native son and environmental activist, made a video to raise awareness about a proposed development project called Marina Lofts being considered for construction along the New River that intends to displace and likely kill the massive and protected, nearly 100-year-old rain tree that is the oldest …

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Oldest Rain Tree in North America under threat from developers

Check out this Florida Fidelity video segment, brought to you by Florida native son and environmental activist, Chris Brennan, to learn about the history of the oldest rain tree in North America and its latest plight. Also known as the Albizia saman, this massive tree had previously been protected by Broward County but is now under …

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Lavender Skies

Take me to where there’s fireflies a place lush and green with lavender skies Where sweet-scents of night-blooms cling to my hair- as we walk hand in hand with nary a care Strolling through dark wood now, a corn-flower blue night I dance barefoot in a circle to the full moons’ delight You slip strong …

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Ian McKellan likes big butts. Well, sort of.

An outstanding and dramatic impersonation of Sir Ian McKellan talking about big butts and how he cannot lie.

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