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Name: Carol Ann Conover
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This self-described different breed of woman only likes to spoon after a good fork, uses the good china for hot meals every day of the week, gets crafty with beer and ages like fine wine. Not afraid of bathroom humor, the "C" word or baiting her own fish-hooks, this Jersey girl serves up fresh humor, tips, chips, chains and whips on everything under the sun and where it doesn't shine. Mess with her family, her friends, or don't tip your bartender, she'll be on you like a seagull attacking a French fry. Consider yourself warned.

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She’s got Steve Buscemi Eyes

Ok, this is just simply hilarious. And creepy, in an irresistible sort of way. All the better just to please you.  If you love this, be sure to LIKE us on FB to keep your days and night full of FUNNY! Special thanks to Tiffany Thorne and daveveal on Youtube.  


Batman’s Big Adventure

Taking a suggestion from an audience member, Jimmy Fallon put together this little nugget of hilarity, dubbing over the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises with Pee Wee Herman voices. It’s brilliant. Here’s the official trailer for all you purists out there: Don’t forget! The Dark Knight Rises July 20th!


Burn A Book, Save A Library! An important Lesson in Reverse Psychology and Voter Responsibility

I came upon this story today about a backlash that began in Troy, MI and reverberated through all known channels of media, causing Americans, politicians and even major networks and political satirists to weigh in and speak vehemently out about the sanctity of books and public access to education and express their outrage at such …

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Big Dog Station Wants Your Big Brains This & Every Wednesday


It’s Memorial Day Weekend!

It’s Memorial Day weekend and no, it’s not about mattress sales, your cook-out, your three day weekend or a good deal on a car. It’s a time to celebrate the lives lost in battle, to honor what it means to serve and to pay homage to those who have fought for the freedoms we enjoy. …

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Text Fail: Death is Funny


Music for a Happy Heart

“Absence diminishes small loves and increases great ones, as the wind blows out the candle and blows up the bonfire.” ~ Francois de la Rouchefoucauld


How To Speak Avenger


Frodo F’ing Hates Windshield Wipers


Safety First

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