Developer plays dirty, gets Chris Brennan fired

You’ll recall from a previous segment that Chris Brennan, Florida native son and environmental activist, made a video to raise awareness about a proposed development project called Marina Lofts being considered for construction along the New River that intends to displace and likely kill the massive and protected, nearly 100-year-old rain tree that is the oldest …

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Oldest Rain Tree in North America under threat from developers

Check out this Florida Fidelity video segment, brought to you by Florida native son and environmental activist, Chris Brennan, to learn about the history of the oldest rain tree in North America and its latest plight. Also known as the Albizia saman, this massive tree had previously been protected by Broward County but is now under …

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Road to Nowhere… or Everywhere!

“I can remember the day I saw her in the classifieds of I knew then and there with her Stellar blue paint job and tie-dyed curtains that she was meant for us.” ~ Mia It was August 2011 when Jeremy and Mia took the plunge. Armed with $2900 and dreams they went to Tucson …

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Quite Possibly the Funniest FB Post EVER.

FORT LAUDERDALE , FL – Good or bad, this is where we live and sometimes, the sights are breathtaking. Other times, the sights are this: “This is what happens when you get your butt hole and balls pepper sprayed.”  #puddlesquatting ~Joe Callahan, Fort Lauderdale, FL   Congratulations, Joe Callahan, your keen eye and succinct photography has …

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Wake Up Late With Dougie and Enter This Caption Contest!

Today’s Caption Contest Photo: Cast your own entry on Facebook and tell ’em CA sent ya!  Winner of the caption contest will receive an on-air mention or a guest appearance on the show!  Good luck! Dougie’s special guest today is the incomparable Renda Writer who is a very special friend of  Don’t forget to show …

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Matt Damon Defends Teacher Tenure

Seriously, where did Reason TV find this idiot interviewer? She actually deigns to compare to the exorbitantly high salary of Hollywood actors who “lack job security” in the industry to the already low-salaried teachers, insinuating that granting tenure would remove incentive for teachers to perform well. Gee, it seems to me that if teachers were …

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Foo Fighters Concert: Only Fight If You Are In Fact A Foo!

Foo Fighter’s lead singer Dave Groh curses out and then promptly ejects an agitator for fighting during the concert.


A Very Important Lesson From Derek “Tex” Grebner: Glocks Hurt


Who’s Screening the TSA?

If you’ve traveled out of Terminal 1 at FLL recently and inexplicably lost electronics or other valuables, chances are this guy swiped them. Give a big “F.U.” to Nelson Santiago, a TSA employee since 2009, who was caught this week by a Continental Airlines employee pilfering an IPad out of an unsuspecting travelers luggage and …

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Micah S. Harris is a Big Thinker

If you just can’t get enough of the undying, stupefying, never-tiring hilarity that comes out of  local celebrity Micah Harris, one of the Original Fat Cats elite staff, then this is your lucky day, punk! In a unanimous decision, the Think Tank here at Who Cares What I Think have decided to give Micah his …

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