Oldest Rain Tree in North America under threat from developers

Check out this Florida Fidelity video segment, brought to you by Florida native son and environmental activist, Chris Brennan, to learn about the history of the oldest rain tree in North America and its latest plight. Also known as the Albizia saman, this massive tree had previously been protected by Broward County but is now under …

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What Time Is It?

It is also time to go visit Carol Ann at The Deck for a cocktail!  


This 420, Puff, Puff, PETITION!

On 420, Facebook will be flooded with pictures of Mary Jane and references to Cheech & Chong.  You’ll chuckle and take a toke and proclaim your loyalty and love of the mighty herb, but will you take any other action than hitting LIKE? If you are a cannabis enthusiast and really, truly want to see …

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An Important Message from the Count of Montequizshow

BIG BRAINS TRIVIA AT BIG DOG STATION BEGINS WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15th! 7:30 PM-Til….? “Hello Quizzies! My last couple of Wednesday nights have been spent sitting on the couch as my mind slowly stagnates on cartoons and sitcom laugh tracks. My mind rebels at stagnation! Give me mystery! Give me adventure! Give me my Wednesday night …

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The Jake Miller Burger Makes Wishes Come True

Have you heard of this kid?   Well if you live in South Florida, you’d better listen up! His name is Jake Miller and he’s killing it in music, making his climb from his hometown of Weston. He’s performed with the likes of Snoop Dog and Flo Rida, and is a bonafide singer/songwriter and musical …

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Another Public Service Announcement

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