This year, remember to Carpe Diem


by Maybe the thing about New Year’s is that people seem more comfortable with deciding to make better decisions, to let go of past pains, redefine how close to their lives negativity is permitted to get. It’s a mass scale wiping-clean of the slate. It’s more palatable to our sensibilities to rage, rage into that …

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It’s Memorial Day Weekend!


by It’s Memorial Day weekend and no, it’s not about mattress sales, your cook-out, your three day weekend or a good deal on a car. It’s a time to celebrate the lives lost in battle, to honor what it means to serve and to pay homage to those who have fought for the freedoms we …

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You can’t afford a Positive…

dollar pregnancy test

by if you’re buying your Pregnancy test in the Dollar Store.  Just sayin’.     by by


Heartbeats: February 1


by The month of February is awash in red and pink, the colors of love and romance.  For some this month uplifts the heart and for others it brings only dread and despair. For the broken, unrequited, embittered or disillusioned, my hope is that you find again some love inside yourself no matter how deeply …

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