This year, remember to Carpe Diem

Maybe the thing about New Year’s is that people seem more comfortable with deciding to make better decisions, to let go of past pains, redefine how close to their lives negativity is permitted to get. It’s a mass scale wiping-clean of the slate. It’s more palatable to our sensibilities to rage, rage into that good …

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Developer plays dirty, gets Chris Brennan fired

You’ll recall from a previous segment that Chris Brennan, Florida native son and environmental activist, made a video to raise awareness about a proposed development project called Marina Lofts being considered for construction along the New River that intends to displace and likely kill the massive and protected, nearly 100-year-old rain tree that is the oldest …

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Burn A Book, Save A Library! An important Lesson in Reverse Psychology and Voter Responsibility

I came upon this story today about a backlash that began in Troy, MI and reverberated through all known channels of media, causing Americans, politicians and even major networks and political satirists to weigh in and speak vehemently out about the sanctity of books and public access to education and express their outrage at such …

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Brazilian Court Rules Woman Can Watch Porn and Click Her Own Mouse at Work

Ana Catarina Bezerra has given new meaning to ‘nooners’ and brought sex back into the workplace (where a lot of people still think it belongs)  after it had previously become like the vibrating pink rabbit in the room thanks to countless sexual harassment laws. Due to a condition known as ‘compulsion orgasmic’, a chemical imbalance …

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Communication Text-Down, Ain’t it Ashame!

Warning: Txtrs Bware: u wont like me much after this. LOL.

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