Big Dog Station Wants Your Big Brains This & Every Wednesday


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Valentine’s Schmalantine’s!


by Are you at home sulking this Valentine’s Day because you feel like:   If this describes you, I have one question. Do you realize that YOU could be at BIG DOG STATION right now, having a Sour-Puss martini lovingly made by the likes of the amazing Cori Carlo and/or Nikki Silverman?? What are you …

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An Important Message from the Count of Montequizshow

crazy eye capn loogie

by BIG BRAINS TRIVIA AT BIG DOG STATION BEGINS WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15th! 7:30 PM-Til….? “Hello Quizzies! My last couple of Wednesday nights have been spent sitting on the couch as my mind slowly stagnates on cartoons and sitcom laugh tracks. My mind rebels at stagnation! Give me mystery! Give me adventure! Give me my Wednesday …

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NYE Public Service Announcement

NYE Douche Party

by Since most of South Florida will be at this party: Big Dog Station is your best bet for a New Year’s Eve free of amateur-hour antics and overpriced parking. Parking is FREE and the bar is serving up holiday cheer until 2 am! Pre-game or post ball-drop, swing on in for ice cold drinks …

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Gourmet On Wheels: Miami Food Trucks Invade Downtown Oakland Park Sept 10th

Can you name that pet?

by Thanks to Debbie Blakely of Big Dog Station and Oakland Park Main Street, this event is going to rock Downtown Oakland Park! Get all the details on insider’s source for local! And now for some local trivia: by by

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