Two Girls, One Couplet: Unmasked

Unmasked Past meet present, selves collide The trinity within rises; Battle lines are drawn- The way unseen, we soldier on.   Up and down and all around From twilight until dawn; Unrepentant, we march for Love- Powerless against it, we are mere pawns.   We make moves with emotion unseen Hoping to evade the lands …

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What Time Is It?

It is also time to go visit Carol Ann at The Deck for a cocktail!  


An Important Message from the Count of Montequizshow

BIG BRAINS TRIVIA AT BIG DOG STATION BEGINS WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15th! 7:30 PM-Til….? “Hello Quizzies! My last couple of Wednesday nights have been spent sitting on the couch as my mind slowly stagnates on cartoons and sitcom laugh tracks. My mind rebels at stagnation! Give me mystery! Give me adventure! Give me my Wednesday night …

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