Dream to Make Believe

I could no longer remember any of my dreams and it irritated me. I learned to lucid dream years ago so I could control myself in my dream world. It seemed like the only thing that I had any control over in my life, but alas it was quickly added to the growing list of …

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Defining Freedom

“The time has come!” the walrus said, “to talk of many things!” Only we aren’t talking about shoes and ships and sealing wax or cabbages or kings. The only topics floating around now are voyage related: tires, gas, supplies, and goodbyes have all been checked off the list. Now the only thing left is to …

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Road to Nowhere… or Everywhere!

“I can remember the day I saw her in the classifieds of TheSamba.com. I knew then and there with her Stellar blue paint job and tie-dyed curtains that she was meant for us.” ~ Mia It was August 2011 when Jeremy and Mia took the plunge. Armed with $2900 and dreams they went to Tucson …

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Modern Elegy

A river of tears freezes as they fall from my cheeks. You’re too occupied for me. It was only yesterday that the sun shone bright for you. And now I hope this storm I brewed will reach you. To tell you how my heart is breaking with every second you’re gone. You left me for …

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Generation Gap



Attention Ellen Degeneres: Why Isn’t Renda Writer On Your Show Yet?

Ok, Ellen, here’s the deal. I’ll post this to help my friend Renda Writer reach his dream-goal of appearing on your show to perform his amazing work of original poetry, Half-Hearted as many times as it takes. He’s been reaching out to you since 2007 and has practically the entire art and creative community across …

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Tips for Better Success with Women

Here’s a little tip for those guys striking out with the ladies.  (And to be fair, this also works in reverse.) For more advice and a nitty-gritty, in-depth review of  what the dating scene in Fort Lauderale is really like, follow Who Cares What I Think as we go deep undercover to inform you what life …

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Theme Music for the End of the World


Kevin Spacey on sending the elevator back down

A splendid speech on why our country must cherish and preserve the Arts.


Lavendar Skies

A poem for Lovers

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