Tips for Better Success with Women

Here’s a little tip for those guys striking out with the ladies.  (And to be fair, this also works in reverse.) For more advice and a nitty-gritty, in-depth review of  what the dating scene in Fort Lauderale is really like, follow Who Cares What I Think as we go deep undercover to inform you what life …

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This vacation blows!

Kids just aren’t as excited about Disney World as they used to be.


My Anterior Cingulate Cortex is Acting Up!

The cause?  The Silent Treatment. Did you know that giving someone the ‘cold shoulder’, ignoring them for reasons [known or unknown to them], or otherwise ostracizing them [either individually or within a group] actually triggers a reaction in the pain center of the brain? So when you give someone ‘The Silent Treatment’ and go out …

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