The tempest comes with no warning with winds that are much too strong blowing in feelings all too much alarming turning everything from right to wrong.   Trunks bend and branches sway, leaves fall, clouds roll, and lightning breaks the sky. Thoughts get muddled and love gets blown away the knots that once held …

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Modern Elegy

A river of tears freezes as they fall from my cheeks. You’re too occupied for me. It was only yesterday that the sun shone bright for you. And now I hope this storm I brewed will reach you. To tell you how my heart is breaking with every second you’re gone. You left me for …

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Flash Poetry

This is Flash Poetry.  Here’s a collaboration of verse by Ms. Mia Simons and myself on FB tonight.   CA: With a rumble of thunder and a flash in the sky MS: Cosmos convene and forces confide CA: It twas the Fates who linked us on high MS: and bode us to take the journey that even the …

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Attention Ellen Degeneres: Why Isn’t Renda Writer On Your Show Yet?

Ok, Ellen, here’s the deal. I’ll post this to help my friend Renda Writer reach his dream-goal of appearing on your show to perform his amazing work of original poetry, Half-Hearted as many times as it takes. He’s been reaching out to you since 2007 and has practically the entire art and creative community across …

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