Modern Elegy

A river of tears freezes as they fall from my cheeks. You’re too occupied for me. It was only yesterday that the sun shone bright for you. And now I hope this storm I brewed will reach you. To tell you how my heart is breaking with every second you’re gone. You left me for …

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Valentine’s Schmalantine’s!

Are you at home sulking this Valentine’s Day because you feel like:   If this describes you, I have one question. Do you realize that YOU could be at BIG DOG STATION right now, having a Sour-Puss martini lovingly made by the likes of the amazing Cori Carlo and/or Nikki Silverman?? What are you waiting …

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An Ingenious, Non-violent Way to Keep Wall Street Occupied

This will definitely send a message. If you don’t feel like using this idea to send a message to the bank, use the envelopes to mail your FPL payment. Any dent we can make in a bank will help promote their restructuring in an attempt to bar their frivolous spending and exorbitant senior executive banker …

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Ride Along With a Masshole

Urban Dictionary defines the term “Masshole” this way: MASSHOLE- 1. For residents of Massachusetts, it is an achieved title for drving faster, being wreckless, cutting other drivers off often, and having no patience for other drivers on the road. 2. For non-residents of Massachusetts, it is a term of dislike for the people of Massachusetts that …

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Tomato, Tomahto: Say It However The F You Want

After many years of barroom encouragement from friends and patrons alike, I have decided to purge the sometimes ruthless and dark inner-monologue that some have come to love and admire and yet cringe over at the same time. I decided to pick the brain of the Godmother of this site and before I could even …

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