Fantastic Moyage

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by Maiden Voyage + Moya = MOYAGE!!!!! It all began with a big dream and a bigger desire to get out of New Mexico. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a bad place to live; there are fantastic sunsets and everything is within a thirty minute drive, but when you live in a Volkswagen Vanagon, …

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Defining Freedom

moya post 2

by “The time has come!” the walrus said, “to talk of many things!” Only we aren’t talking about shoes and ships and sealing wax or cabbages or kings. The only topics floating around now are voyage related: tires, gas, supplies, and goodbyes have all been checked off the list. Now the only thing left is …

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Road to Nowhere… or Everywhere!

Campsite number two in our adventures in camping.

by “I can remember the day I saw her in the classifieds of TheSamba.com. I knew then and there with her Stellar blue paint job and tie-dyed curtains that she was meant for us.” ~ Mia It was August 2011 when Jeremy and Mia took the plunge. Armed with $2900 and dreams they went to …

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