L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Scarlett: Part X

He had wanted to stay the night with her but she didn’t let him. Scarlett kept the box containing Cassie’s ashes and the three of them agreed to meet the next evening to discuss what to do with them. Viktor let out a sigh and shook his head as Scarlett closed the door to lock them out. She slept better than she had in a long time however; her dreams were filled with men who had emerald green eyes instead of blue ice and saphire.
They were wandering Jackson Square when she arrived. They all inconspicuously followed each other onto the banks of the Mississippi where they took a seat on the ground next to one another. Scarlett pulled the box from her rucksack and laid it in front of Viktor who was in the middle.
“You were her brother; I think that you should be the one to do it.” Scarlett said as she took his hand. Viktor smiled and then looked very scared. Scarlett dropped his hand and slid away. She was never good with relationship type issues and she thought he had liked her. She reminded herself of all the others and composed herself.
“Well,” Viktor said slowly, “I think there’s someone who would like to do this more than I would.” Read the rest of this entry »


L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Viktor: Part X

Viktor looked up at Scarlett as he jabbed the syringe into Cassie’s neck. She fell limp immediately. He let the syringe drop and it rolled to Scarlett’s feet as he cradled Cassie to the floor. Scarlett picked it up in awe.
“Where did you find sodium pentobarbital?” She asked excitedly. Scarlett had been trying to get her hands on some forever but never managed, not even Flow could get some. He looked shocked at her knowledge of what he had just done.
“I used to work in a prison. Swiped it the day I left. But how did you?” He asked quizzically but he was cut off.
“It looks like you and I are in the same business only I have to get my hands dirty.” she laughed.
“Ha!” he laughed with her. “Ever dig graves my lady? Don’t talk to me about getting my hands dirty.” They were both laughing when Cal brought them out of the moment.
“She’s gone” he said checking Cassie’s pulse. “Now Viktor why don’t you bring Scarlett here up to speed on what just happened so she doesn’t think I’m trying to set her up and kill us both.” Read the rest of this entry »


L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Cassie: Part VIII

Cassie began thrashing more than before. Scarlett stared at Viktor as Cal handed him the syringe.
“Wait,” Scarlett said as Viktor maneuvered the syringe in his hand to be comfortable in his grip. “There’s something you need to know.” Scarlett had never intended to have to tell Viktor that Cassie was his sister. She was just going to kill her and roll with the punches. She opened her mouth to continue.
“I know.” Viktor cut her off and the room went dead silent. Scarlett cocked her head to the side and studied him intently.
“Since when?” She asked.
“Since about ten minutes ago.” He kept trying to subdue Cassie but she simply wouldn’t give in. Cal felt oddly out of place and finally spoke.
“I’ve known for months.” Read the rest of this entry »


L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Scarlett: Part IX

“And the house is still haunted to this day!” Cal finished his story and looked at Scarlett. She was absolutely enchanted by the story. Maybe a little too enchanted. Cal looked forward to hide his unease and realized they were right outside the back door to the Charbonnet-Labat, which was open. He looked back at Scarlett who had just noticed the same thing.
“What the?” She began but a loud crash cut her off. “There’s someone down there!” She yelled, more angry and scared. “You set me up!” She turned on Cal who was terrified by the murderous glare in Scarlett’s eyes.
“No! No I didn’t!” Cal whimpered backing away. He had never been this scared of anyone in his life. No wonder she liked the story of Delphine La Laurie. They were one in the same.
“I’ll give you one chance to explain before I kill you Read the rest of this entry »


L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Viktor: Part IX

Viktor arrived at the Charbonnet-Labat about twenty minutes after he had left the Dungeon.  He had seen Cassie following Scarlett until Cal met up with her, then Cassie took a direct route to the funeral home. He had run the whole way and was exhausted from all the exercise. After stopping to catch his breath he looked up and scanned the area. About three blocks down St. Phillips he saw Cal talking to his Grecian Goddess. They turned and began to walk slowly toward him.
“Damn! I better hurry” he said running around the back of the building. He found the door and pushed hoping Cassie had left it unlocked. She had. She must want to begin by trying to scare Scarlett. A long dark hallway lay before him. “Clever girl,” he said quietly, “but not clever enough.” He began jogging down the dark cold hallway without a sound. “She must be quite a woman to live in a place like this and not get the creeps” he thought. He found the place rather comforting and he bet that she did too. Two doors down on the left he saw a light on and ran towards it. He pushed open the door with one hand behind his back concealing the syringe. When he opened the door, he realized he was in the furnace room and it was running. He didn’t see Cassie hiding in the shadows.
“What are you doing here!” She screamed. He couldn’t tell if she was angry or scared.
“I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” Viktor tried to sound concerned. “I have been searching for you since I went back to the Dungeon and you weren’t there. I found a bum who said he saw you go around the back here.” He stopped. It was time for the best acting job he had ever done. “What are YOU doing here? You aren’t going to kill yourself are you?” He sounded shocked and worried.
“Of course not!” She said looking embarrassed that she had hurt him. She was still internally confused about how to feel about Viktor. “I, I, used to work here and I find solace by hanging around” she half way lied. “I’m so sorry I worried you! I thought you didn’t care!”
“Of course I care!” he yelled. “Let’s go home where I can take care of you” he said approaching her. The ruse must have shown through his eyes for when he approached, she backed away.
“You know!” She exclaimed. “You’re only here because you want to get rid of me! I knew it!” She was screaming now. “You don’t care about me! You only care about her and now that she’s back you want to ‘take care of me’ as you say it. Well bring it on! I’ll get rid of you the same way I got rid of Elijah and then I’ll take care of her!” Cassie drew a crowbar from behind her back and side stepped behind a table.
“Know what?” For once someone had the upper hand on Viktor and it concerned him. He also wasn’t ready for her to be armed. This was going to be much harder than he anticipated. “I need a miracle” he thought as they began to shadow each other’s movements across the table.
“I know you like Scarlett better than me,” Cassie began as they danced around the room keeping a safe distance from each other. “She told you didn’t she? You’re disgusted aren’t you? Can’t stand to be with someone who is like her can you?” Cassie was shrieking. Viktor looked at her in utter confusion. It was then that Viktor knew what had been bothering him about Cassie. She greatly reminded him of and resembled his mother.


L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Scarlett: Part VIII

Cal’s legs and lungs were burning when he reached the funeral home. All was silent. “Well,” he gasped, “it’s either over or hasn’t happened yet.” When he finally looked up he saw the figure of a woman walking in his direction. Hoping it was her he took off at a brisk walk. He wasn’t sure it was her until she walked under a street light and her hair glowed like burning fire. “Yup,” he said slowing his pace, “that’s her.” She was looking at the ground and didn’t notice he was there until he was right in front of her. Read the rest of this entry »


L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Viktor: Part VIII

What is she doing here?” Viktor asked under his breath as Scarlett walked in to door of the Dungeon that Saturday. “This is not good. This is the third night in a row.” She ordered a drink from Evey and sat at the bar, slightly facing his direction. Cassie was sitting next to him, a little too close for comfort, up in his tower. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her and can Cassie noticed, as she did every weekend.
“What are you staring at her again for?” she asked, obviously offended. “She’s not even pretty. Look at that scar on her face! It’s hideous!”
“Sorry lover,” Viktor began in an attempt to save himself. “I’m not captivated… I was looking at her scar. It is hideous.” He lied.
“Need another drink my dear?” Cassie asked. She seemed somewhat subdued.
“Um… yes I do dearest.” Viktor just wanted her away from him for the moment.
“Be right back then” She kissed him, on the cheek, which made him cringe, and proceeded to the bar.
“This is bad. This is really bad.” Viktor said to himself. “Doesn’t she know she’s putting herself in danger? More than just from me?” Viktor knew his time to act was now. He slammed the last of his drink and left the Dungeon without being seen by Scarlett, Evey, or Cassie. He had little time.
“This is bad.” He gasped as he reached the back door to the church. He was startled by the voice that came out of the shadows. Read the rest of this entry »


L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Scarlett: Part VII

Scarlett spent the weeks before Mardi Gras plotting with Dave and learning everything she could about Viktor and Cassie. She even went to Flow and asked for her advice. Since it was Flow who had predicted the involvement of other people, Scarlett figured that Flow would be a good ally. Flow had promised to do some digging and reminded Scarlett about their upcoming appointment. She had also tried to run into Cassie and Viktor all over the quarter but they were nowhere to be found. Cassie was smarter than she seemed. Maybe Scarlett had underestimated her. She didn’t worry too much about it and concentrated on her own plan. She and Dave and closed down Aunt Tiki’s late and stayed up until after sunrise talking about how Scarlett should go about things. Depending on what she got from Flow, which they were both very curious about, Scarlett should try and utilize it to eliminate Cassie. Scarlett had also told Dave the story that Evey had told her about Elijah. Dave wasn’t surprised but it did mean that he had gravely underestimated her.
It was the eve of her appointment with Flow and Scarlett spent the hours before at Aunt Tiki’s with Dave gushing over what she was about to receive. Dave was sure it had to be some sort of poison or toxic chemical. Scarlett was hoping for some new exotic concealable weapon. She had bought a switchblade/fan from Flow last fall but it was already getting dulled. It was brilliant how the fan came out one end and the blade the other. Scarlett had loved it. Either way, they were both having trouble containing themselves. At a quarter to one Scarlett bid Dave goodnight and made her way to Flow’s. Read the rest of this entry »


L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Viktor: Part VII

Viktor knew that his plan might be harder than he thought. Cassie was a spirited and emotional character. She had indulged to him that she had been in love with him ever since the first time she saw him. This he knew, but he never expected her to be so adamant about their togetherness. Whenever he wasn’t working she wanted to be with him. She would leave notes for him at the gift shop with Miss Launa who though that it was a good thing that he found someone special. If she only knew the real reason why he had Cassie hanging around, Miss Launa would be horrified. Surprisingly, Viktor found himself confiding in the homeless man he let stay in the graveyard. Cal was privy to the fact that Viktor was annoyed by Cassie and since she was following the girl he truly was interested in and that Viktor suspected that Cassie would cause harm to the red haired temptress. One Tuesday night Viktor realized that he may have divulged too much information to Cal but was suddenly relieved when Cal finally spoke his mind.
“Why don’t you just kill her and throw her in the river?” Read the rest of this entry »


L is for Love (A Serial Killer Story)

Cassie: Part VI

It had been a disaster. Evey was working and the red head showed up. Apparently Evey and Aphrodite were destined to be friends, a big problem for Cassie. She had been seething with anger and jealousy when Evey called Viktor to the bar to introduce him to the red head. Cassie could have gone on a killing spree right then and there but she held herself together. When she couldn’t take the smiling, the laughing, and the flirting, she downed her drink, went up to the bar, grabbed Viktor by his arm and nearly drug him out of the bar.
Viktor had been shocked by her behavior and she had apologized as best she could and Viktor knew from then on that he was going to have to expedite things with Cassie. She obviously had negative predispositions with both Scarlett and Evey and for that he must act. Hopefully this game would be quick. Viktor was good at chess but apparently Scarlett and Evey were playing too. He had never worked alongside others to finish a job but the help might be a nice change. He accepted Cassie’s apology and they returned to their “dating”.
Cassie knew it was time to start fighting. Scarlett was encroaching on everything that should be hers and she wasn’t going to stand for it. From then on Cassie avoided the Dungeon which meant so did Viktor. She knew Aunt Tiki’s was off limits as well, so they went to the Whirling Dervish. It was loud and dirty just like the Dungeon, only instead of a pool table, they had a dance floor.  Viktor didn’t dance but Cassie did to clear her mind. She was a pretty good dancer. She had taken ballet lessons as a child and the grace had somehow made it with her throughout her life. She noticed that Viktor seemed distant and it started to worry her. Usually a man couldn’t stop watching her dance, but Viktor wouldn’t even look at her. She could feel the jealousy in her rise and start dripping from every thought. Read the rest of this entry »

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